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The Tarner lectures are a series of public lectures in the philosophy of science given at Trinity College, Cambridge since 1916. Named after Mr Edward Tarner, the lecture addresses 'the Philosophy of the Sciences and the Relations or Want of Relations between the different Departments of Knowledge.' The inaugural lecture was given by Alfred North Whitehead in the autumn of 1919 and are published as his "The concept of nature."

Past Lectures[edit]

Full list of Past Tarner Lectures [1]

Year Speaker Lecture Title
1919 Dr A.N. Whitehead THE CONCEPT OF NATURE[2]
1923 Dr C.D. Broad The border-line between physics and psychology [3]
1926 Hon. Bertrand Russell The analysis of matter [4]
1929 Mr G.E. Moore Knowledge direct and indirect [5]
1931 Dr Tennant The relations between the different departments of knowledge [6]
1935 Mr A.D. Ritchie The natural history of mind [7]
1938 Sir Arthur Eddington The philosophy of physical science [8]
1941 Dr C.A. Mace Causality and mind
1946 Mr R.B. Braithwaite Laws of nature, probability, and scientific explanation [9]
1947 Sir Edmund Whittaker The concepts of physics [10]
1949 Professor Joseph Henry Woodger Biology and language
1953 Professor G. Ryle Cross purposes between theories [11]
1956 Professor E. Schrödinger (read by Professor J. Wisdom) The physical basis of consciousness [12]
1960 Professor C.F.A. Pantin The A sciences and the B sciences
1962 Mr H.A.C. Dobbs The concept of time
1965 Professor Hermann Bondi Assumption and myth in physical theory [13]
1967 Professor Georg Henrik von Wright Time, Change and Contradiction[14]
1970 Dr Gerd Buchdahl Not Available
1975 Professor William Kneale Grammar, logic, and arithmetic
1978 Professor M. Black Models of rationality
1982 Professor E.O. Wilson Socio-biology and comparative social theory [15]
1985 Professor J.F. Dyson Origins of life [16]
1988 Sir Andrew Huxley Matter, life, evolution
1991 Professor Ian Hacking Kinds of people and kinds of things
1994 Professor Michael Redhead[17] From physics to metaphysics [18]
1996 Professor M. Rudwick Constructing geohistory in the age of revolution [19]
2000 Professor Simon Conway Morris Footsteps to eternity: the implications of evolution
2006 Professor P. Galison Images, Objects, and the Scientific Self [20]
2010 Professor S. Schaffer ”When the stars threw down their spears”: Histories of Astronomy and Empire [21]
2012 Prof. Sir Geoffrey Lloyd The ideals of inquiry: an ancient history [22]


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