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Northern summit
Highest point
Elevation 1,346 m (4,416 ft)
Prominence 494 metres (1,621 ft)
Coordinates 49°04′10″N 22°44′17″E / 49.06944°N 22.73806°E / 49.06944; 22.73806Coordinates: 49°04′10″N 22°44′17″E / 49.06944°N 22.73806°E / 49.06944; 22.73806
Tarnica is located in Poland
Location in Poland
Location Podkarpacie, Poland
Parent range Bieszczady Mountains
Easiest route hike

Tarnica is a peak in the Bieszczady Mountains in southern Poland. Its height is 1,346 metres. It is one of the Polish Crown Peaks.

The summit towers 500 metres above the Wołosatka Valley. It can be easily told apart from its neighbours by its distinctive shape. The mountain has two separate summits, one of 1,339 and one of 1,346 metres. The southern part is a steep rocky wall, while the other side consist of less steep rocky fields.

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