Tarnished Reputations

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Tarnished Reputations
Tarnished Reputations (1920) - Ad 2.jpg
Advertisement using the film's working title
Directed byHerbert Blache, Alice Guy-Blaché, and Léonce Perret
Written byJean Durand (scenario)
Léonce Perret (screenplay)
StarringDolores Cassinelli
Alan Roscoe
Georges Deneubourg
CinematographyHarry D. Harde
Perret Productions Inc.
Distributed byPathé Exchange
Release date
  • March 14, 1920 (1920-03-14)
Running time
5 reels
CountryUnited States
LanguageSilent (English intertitles)

Tarnished Reputations is a 1920 American silent adventure drama film directed by Herbert Blache, Alice Guy-Blaché, and Léonce Perret and starring Dolores Cassinelli, Alan Roscoe, and Georges Deneubourg. It is presumed to be a lost film.[1]


As described in a film magazine,[2] Helen Sanderson (Cassinelli) has become infatuated with Robert Williams (Roscoe), a painter who has come to her small village. While painting The Saint Among the Lillies in which Helen is the model, their friendship develops into love. Helen receives a rude awakening when Robert suddenly departs, leaving only a letter to say goodbye. After the death of her aunt, Helen goes to New York to see her sweetheart after he has found fame with his painting, but finds that he has departed for Europe to paint a portrait of the Pope. In financial straits, Helen goes to a garment shop to make a living. One night she is wrongly accused of accosting a man, and is sentenced to jail for thirty days. After her release, she visits Judge Princeton (Burton) from her case. There she meets author George de Wendbourg (Deneubourg), who offers aid. He takes her home and develops her into a great actress in his play. Robert then returns from Europe and her love for him returns.



The working title for the film was A Soul Adrift.[1]


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