Tarpon Springs Aquarium

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Tarpon Springs Aquarium
Location Tarpon Springs, Florida
United States
Coordinates 28°09′19″N 82°45′48″W / 28.15536°N 82.76323°W / 28.15536; -82.76323Coordinates: 28°09′19″N 82°45′48″W / 28.15536°N 82.76323°W / 28.15536; -82.76323
Total volume of tanks 125,000 gallons
Website www.tarponspringsaquarium.com

The Tarpon Springs Aquarium is an aquarium that on the West end of the Sponge Docks of Tarpon Springs, Florida, United States that offers a wide variety of interaction and viewing of local aquatic and reptilian life. Shows, such as Shark, Alligator, Snake, and Eel, are featured throughout the day where visitors can watch staff feed the animals and touch them. Also includes an indoor playground called Puffy's Playground.


Adults: $7.75, Children(3-11): $5.75, Seniors(55+): $7.00, Children two and under free


Touch pool[edit]

At the entrance of the aquarium is a touch pool housing diamond-back terrapin turtles, hermit crabs, sea urchins, and horseshoe crabs.

Alligator exhibit[edit]

The alligator exhibit is towards the front of the aquarium. One juvenile American alligator, one adult American alligator, and an Alligator snapping turtle. The juvenile alligator is sometimes held by staff, allowing guests to walk into the aquarium and pet it's back.

Gulf of Mexico tank[edit]

The Gulf of Mexico tank is a large 120,000 gallon tank in the aquarium with two full grown Nurse sharks and Bonnet-head sharks. Other fish such as, Atlantic tarpon, porcupinefish, and a large Goliath grouper live in the tank. Periodically throughout the day, SCUBA Divers hand feed the sharks and fish for an audience.

Snake Enclosures[edit]

The snake enclosures hold a different varieties of snakes, including a 15-foot Burmese Python, that are on display. There are a total of 5 different enclosures, some with multiple snakes. Snake shows are featured where visitors may touch a large python.

Stingray pool[edit]

The stingray pool holds Atlantic stingrays and Cownose rays that visitors may touch. The stingrays may also be fed for $1. It is near the shark feeding pool.

Shark feeding pool[edit]

The shark feeding pool allows guests to use tongs to feed multiple young Nurse sharks. The pool is next to the stingray touch pool


Near the Gulf of Mexico exhibit is a Green moray eel tank and a Caribbean ocellated moray eel tank. Eel shows are featured where visitors may watch as staff feed the eels. Also near the Gulf of Mexico exhibit is a Florida lobster tank. There is one coral reef tank that also includes a Percula clownfish and a Skunk clownfish. A new tank holds scorpionfish, and one more holds an Atlantic pygmy octopus.

Puffy's Playground[edit]

An indoor playground is located next to the aquarium. Admission into the aquarium also allows visitors to enter the playground which has inside a bounce house, ball pit, quarter games, and an assortment of other equipment.


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