Dian's tarsier

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Dian's tarsier[1]
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Primates
Suborder: Haplorhini
Family: Tarsiidae
Genus: Tarsius
T. dentatus
Binomial name
Tarsius dentatus
Miller & Hollister, 1921
Dian's Tarsier area.png
Dian's tarsier range
  • dianae Niemitz, Nietsch, Water, and Rumpler, 1991

Dian's tarsier (Tarsius dentatus), also known as the Diana tarsier, is a nocturnal primate endemic to central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Its head-body length is 11.5–12 centimetres (4.5–4.7 in) and it has a tail of 22 centimetres (8.7 in). Dian's tarsier lives in rainforests. It was formerly called T. dianae, but that has been shown to be a junior synonym.[1]

It is found in primary, secondary, and mangrove forests. It is nocturnal and lives in small groups of two to seven members. It is highly adapted to vertical clinging and leaping, like other tarsiers, and has a strict live animal diet, mostly insects with some small vertebrates. Due to human intervention in the forest of South-east Asia, Dians's tarsier tends to adapt its ranging behavior based on the degree of human intervention. Slightly disturbed habitats show to have little effect on the Dian's tarsier, but with larger disturbances , the living conditions are worsen. [3] [2]


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