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Tartak performing
Background information
Origin Ukraine Lutsk, Ukraine
Genres Alternative rock, rap-rock, punk rock, rapcore, pop punk, funk
Years active 1994–present
Labels Moon Records
Lavina Music
Website http://www.tartak.com.ua
Members Oleksandr Polozhynskyi
Vitaliy Pavlyshyn
Andriy Blahun
Eduard Kosorapov
Dmytro Chuyev

Tartak (Ukrainian: Тартак [tɑrˈtɑk]) is a popular hip-hop/rapcore/alternative crossover band from Ukraine. They mix styles of guitar rock, hip-hop and dance music to produce an energetic compositions and lyrics. "Tartak" means woodsaw in Ukrainian. Sashko thought that tartak symbolized something energetic, loud, active, and hence appropriate for a band name.


Sashko Polozhynskyi founded the group in the Fall of 1996 in Lutsk, Ukraine.

The group has released five albums with a total of 74 songs and 9 videos.[1] Tartak's songs "Ni Ya Ne Tu Kokhav" and "Stilnykove Kohannia" stayed on the Top 40 charts for 144 days and 75 days respectively.[2] Tartak was one of the bands that performed during the events of the Orange Revolution as seen in the adjacent picture.

The true founder of Tartak was Vasyl Zinkevytch jr., a friend of Sashko. Bohdan Zinkevych came up with the name. Vasyl came up with the idea and put together the group; he also arranged the rehearsals since his father is a famous singer he has access to studios, so they could make records. At the beginning they were struggling because their lyrics weren't a success and the soloist (Vasyl Zinkevych) had no voice for lyrics they wrote. Sashko soon made changes because for a long time he was trying to make a place for himself in the show business. In the late 90's Sashko was making his way as a showman on the concerts, parades, and other musical events when his fame actually came to him he claimed that the idea of Tartak was his idea.


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