Tartar Lamb

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Tartar Lamb
Also known as Tartar Lamb II
Origin New York City, New York, United States
Genres Avant-garde music
Experimental rock
Contemporary classical
Chamber music
Years active 2006 (2006)–present
Associated acts Kayo Dot
maudlin of the Well
Gregor Samsa
Secret Chiefs 3
Members Toby Driver
Mia Matsumiya

Tartar Lamb is an experimental avant-garde band, consisting of Toby Driver and Mia Matsumiya, both leading members of the experimental band Kayo Dot. The band originally was formed in 2006 as a means for Toby Driver to experiment with his ideas for a guitar-violin duo.[1][2] The duo released their first album, Sixty Metonymies, in 2007.[1] The band was augmented by trumpet and percussion by Tim Byrnes and Andrew Greenwald, respectively. In 2011, the band returned with their sophomore effort, Polyimage of Known Exits, under the name Tartar Lamb II.[1] This album was funded entirely by fans via a Kickstarter project.[3]




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