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Coordinates: 37°45′41.96″N 122°25′25.25″W / 37.7616556°N 122.4236806°W / 37.7616556; -122.4236806

Tartine exterior in 2006
Tartine interior in 2010

Tartine is a bakery in San Francisco, California, located in the Mission District, at 600 Guerrero Street (at 18th Street).[1][2] Writing in the New York Times, food columnist Mark Bittman called it his favorite bakery in the U.S.[3] In 2008 its owners, Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson, won James Beard Foundation Awards as the best pastry chefs in America, after previously being nominated for this award in 2006 and 2007.[4][5][6]

Tartine (the word means open faced sandwich in French) opened in 2002, on the site of two previous bakeries; its owners, Prueitt and Robertson, had previously run the Bay Village Breads bakery in Point Reyes and Mill Valley.[7] After the success of their San Francisco bakery they also opened the nearby Bar Tartine[8][9] and have published a book of recipes from their bakery (Tartine, Chronicle Books, 2006, ISBN 978-0-8118-5150-3).[10][11][12][13]

As part of a May Day demonstration and riot in 2012, anarchists paint-bombed the bakery and broke its windows. The anarchists shouted "Yuppies out!"[14] [15]

In April 2015, it was announced that Tartine's bakery operations would merge with Blue Bottle Coffee and that the Bar Tartine restaurant would be sold to its chefs.[16] However, the merger was called off later the same year.[17]


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