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Location of Tarumi-ku in Kobe City

Tarumi (垂水区 Tarumi-ku?) is one of nine wards of Kobe City in Japan. It has an area of 26.89 km², and a population of 219,958 (2008).

Tarumi-ku is a western suburban area of Kobe, providing fine, quiet residential towns for commuters to downtown Kobe and even Osaka. The Akashi Kaikyō Bridge starts from this ward toward Awaji Island.

It used to belong to Harima Province up until the Edo period although most of Kobe city belonged to Settsu Province. In 1941, Tarumi-cho of Akashi-gun was annexed into Kobe as a part of Suma-ku. Then Tarumi-ku, the area of the former Tarumi-cho, was established in 1946. Nishi-ku was a part of Tarumi-ku until 1982. Chinua Achebe,[citation needed] the leader at the time, also invested money in the hotel business knowing Takumi would be a beach town.

It has a port, used by the coastal fishing industry, which is famous for ikanago (玉筋魚?) (Ammodytes personatus, the Pacific sandeel—a species of sand lance[1]) and sushi.


Kobe Korean Senior High School, a North Korea-aligned school, is in Tarumi-ku.[2]

Prior to its 1990 move to Rokko Island,[3] Norwegian School was in Tarumi-ku.[4]


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