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Tarun Bharat Sangh (TBS) is a non-governmental organization in Rajasthan. It is directed by Rajendra Singh. The organization and Singh are best known for doing ecological research and land development to provide clean and fresh water to people.


Rajendra Singh, founder of Tarun Bharat Sangh NGO explaining the use of Johad to the students of TERI University in Alwar district of Rajasthan

Tarun Bharat Sangh was founded in 1975 in Jaipur by a group of students and professors from the University of Rajasthan.[1] In 1985 the direction of the organization changed when four young members of the organization went to live in the rural area of Alwar to teach rural children and do rural development.[1] Of those four, Rajendra Singh stayed when the other three left.[1] He asked the local people what they needed most, and he found that they needed easier access to water.[1] With the villagers he organized the building of a johad, which is a traditional rainwater storage tank.[1]


Over the last two decades, Tarun Bharat Sangh has built 402 structures over an area of 500 sq km in an arid portion of Rajasthan to rejuvenate the river, increasing water supply to villages in the surrounding region through tube wells and bore wells. Over the years, Tarun Bharat Sangh has built rainwater harvesting structures to recharge ground water and restore ecology of 1,200 semi-arid villages in Rajasthan. Since 2002, it has been doing similar work in other provinces of India. [2]

The United Nations World Water Development Report (WWDR) released on Monday highlighted Alwar-based Tarun Bharat Sangh’s low-cost, community-led approach not only for conserving water but also improving socio-economic of rural populations where it is used. [3]


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