Tarzan and the Brown Prince

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Tarzan and the Brown Prince
Original film poster
Directed by Manuel Caño
Produced by Dario Sabatello
Written by Santiago Moncada
Dario Sabatello
Based on Characters created
by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Starring Steve Sipek
Kitty Swan
Robin Aristorenas
Peter Lee Lawrence
Music by Sante Maria Romitelli
Cinematography Marcello Masciocchi
Distributed by CITA Films
Produzione D.S. (Dario Sabatello)
Release date
  • 1972 (1972)
Language Various

Tarzan and the Brown Prince is a 1972 Spanish/Italian co-production Tarzan film with Steve Sipek and Kitty Swan repeating their roles from 1968's King of the Jungle. The film became a serialised Filipino graphic novel written in Tagalog and illustrated by Franc Reyes[1] who acted as an illustrator on the film.[2] The role of the Brown Prince was played by Filipino child actor Robin Aristorenas.


After a ruler dies, tradition dictates the new ruler must accomplish a series of harrowing challenges whilst competing with other aspirants. One of them, a young prince (Robin Aristorenas) engages in the contest, but evildoers plan the young prince's demise. Tarzan protects him while ensuring he meets the tests.


Steve Sipek also known as Steve Hawkes[3] gained recognition by playing Tarzan in two Spanish/Italian produced films. Tarzán en la gruta del oro/King of the Jungle/Tarzan in the Golden Grotto (1968) that was filmed in Suriname, South America, Florida, Africa, Spain and Italy where the producers ran out of money and had to begin filming again. Unlike his first "Tarzan" film, Sipek claimed the film company paid the huge licensing fees from Edgar Rice Burroughs' estate and were able to use the name "Tarzan"[4] for the character.[5]

Portions were filmed in Rainbow Springs Florida[6] where both Sipek and Swan were burned in a fire that got out of control.


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