Tarzan and the Great River

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Tarzan and the Great River
Tarzan and the Great River (movie poster).jpg
Directed by Robert Day
Produced by Sy Weintraub
Steve Shagan
Written by Bob Barbash
story by Bob Barbash and Lewis Reed
Based on Characters created
by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Starring Mike Henry
Jan Murray
Manuel Padilla Jr.
Diana Millay
Rafer Johnson
Music by William Loose
Cinematography Irving Lippman
Edited by Anthony Carras
Edward Mann
James Nelson
Banner Productions
Allfin A.G.
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date
  • September 1967 (1967-09)
Running time
88 mins.
Country United States
Language English

Tarzan and the Great River is a 1967 adventure film starring Mike Henry in his second of three film appearances as Tarzan. The film was produced by Sy Weintraub and Steve Shagan, written by Bob Barbash (from a story by Barbash and Lewis Reed), and directed by Robert Day. It was released in September 1967.[1]


Tarzan is called to Brazil by an old friend, The Professor (Paulo Gracindo) to help stop the Jaguar Cult, led by Barcuma (Rafer Johnson), from destroying native villages and enslaving the survivors in his search for diamonds. Tarzan is assisted by Captain Sam Bishop (Jan Murray), a riverboat pilot, and Bishop's young ward, Pepe (Manuel Padilla Jr.), as well as Baron (a lion) and Cheeta (a chimpanzee). On their way they encounter Dr. Ann Philips (Diana Millay), who has witnessed the destruction of a village, and wants to continue fighting a plague by giving much-needed inoculations to natives who live along the Amazon River.

Selected cast[edit]

  • Mike Henry as Tarzan, the British Lord of Greystoke
  • Jan Murray as Captain Sam Bishop, an American crusty riverboat pilot, ally to Tarzan
  • Manuel Padilla, Jr. as Pepe, Sam Bishop's youthful native ward
  • Rafer Johnson as Barcuma, Afro-Brazilian leader of the Jaguar Cult
  • Diana Millay as Dr. Ann Philips, American physician attempting to inoculate Brazilian natives
  • Paulo Gracindo as The Professor, Tarzan's Brazilian old friend
  • Eliezer Gomes as Barcuma's Afro-Brazilian lieutenant (uncredited)[2]
  • Carlos Eduardo Dolabella as Agonizing tribesman in canoe (uncredited)[3]
  • Luz del Fuego as Tribeswoman (uncredited)[4]

Production notes[edit]

The movie was filmed entirely on location in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Rio de Janeiro Zoo, Parque Lage and Tijuca Forest).

Dinky, the chimp portraying Cheeta, bit Mike Henry on the jaw during filming, requiring twenty stitches. The chimpanzee was destroyed, and Henry later sued the producers for this accident and other unsafe working conditions on all three of his Tarzan films. The parties settled out of court.[5]


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