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City of grapes, Circus city
Tasgaon is located in Maharashtra
Location in Maharashtra, India
Coordinates: 17°02′N 74°36′E / 17.03°N 74.6°E / 17.03; 74.6Coordinates: 17°02′N 74°36′E / 17.03°N 74.6°E / 17.03; 74.6
Country India
 • BodyTasgaon Municipal Council
560 m (1,840 ft)
 • Total37,945;(49,161:suburb)
 • OfficialMarathi
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Vehicle registrationMH-10

Tasgaon About this soundpronunciation  is a city and a municipal council in Sangli district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Tasgaon was given as Jahagir to Parshuram Bhau Tasgaonkar by Narayan Ballal Peshava in 1774.

Tasgaon sansthan was lapsed by British during ruling of Shrimant Ganapatrao Tasgaonkar.

Tasgaon Grapes from the city from Tasgaon are famous grapes in Maharashtra.

Tasgaon has rapidly merged with Sangli city as a satellite suburb and will soon become part of Sangali Urban Agglomeration.


Tasgaon is one of the famous places in Maharashtra for grapes. Farmers develop many types of grapes bagicha (vineyards). Tasgaon is located at 17°02′N 74°36′E / 17.03°N 74.6°E / 17.03; 74.6.[2] It has an average elevation of 560 metres (1837 feet). Tasgaon receives average rainfall of 636 mm from monsoon.


As of 2011 India census,[3] Tasgaon had a population of 37,945 including suburb about 49161. Males constitute 52% of the population and females 48%. Tasgaon has an average literacy rate of 88.02%, higher than the national average of 74.04%: male literacy is 92.98%, and female literacy is 82.87%. In Tasgaon, 10.47% of the population is under 6 years of age.

The town is known for its grapes. Grapes are exported mainly to the UK, UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. One of the best quality grapes are from Tasgaon, as sometime the size of a grape is as long as 3.5 inches. Production rate of grapes is as twice as Nashik. The Ganapati Temple in Tasgaon, which is older than 225 years, is unique as the trunk of Lord Ganesha is bent towards right and this idol is considered as Living Lord, always there to bless communities. The Lord Ganesha idol is in gold, weighing 125 kg. The Gopur (five story ancient construction as entrance to temple) of Ganesha Temple is the tallest (96 feet)in Maharashtra as these Gopur's are commonly seen in South India. Ganesh festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. It is known for Ganesh's Rath Utsav a day after Ganesh Chaturthi. Viththal Sakharam Page former president of vidhan parishad and the founder of Rojgar Hami Yojana, hails from a village called Visapur.

Kavathe-Ekand: Biggest Firework Festival in India on Dashahara (Dasara) (7 km from Tasgaon on Sangli Road)

Savlaj: Savalsiddha Temple

Siddhewadi (savalaj), Manerajuri, Gavhan & Vadgaon: Production of grapes with the help of water tanker (10 km from Tasgaon City)

Lokarewadi named as Nave Vadgaon is a last village of Tasgaon taluka towards Kavathe Mahanka.

Kaulage lodhe lake, Sugarcane & grapes production.

Manjarde (Hanuman Temple-Yatra Festival of Hanuman jayanti in 2nd week of April), Balgavde & Bastawde: Production of Sugarcane (15 km from Tasgaon City). Siddhewadi(savalaj) is known for the "lake" water used of that lake main for irrigation, drinking.[citation needed]

Visapur: Well known for Animal Fair (8 km from Tasgaon City).

Chinchani: (5 km from Tasgaon) Jagrut Yellama Goddess Mandir. Fair is held in the month of January every year., village of former MLA Dinkar (Aaba) Patil & MP Sanjay Patil. A Dattuguru mandir in patil mala. Chinchani is also known for its grapes. Nearly 30% of the farmers grow grapes in this village.

Wasumbe: Educational Centre.

Wayphale, Dahiwadi & Dongarsoni: Production of Grapes. DAHIWADI: This village is also known for its grape production and its sidhanath temple.

Khujgaon: Known for its Turmeric production until the 1980s.

Punadi (pundi): Chilimkhada (Big Cylindrical Stone). Victory place of Chauhan Rajputs (Chavan) over Muslim warriors. Siddheshwar & Jyotirling Yatra. (5 km from Tasgaon City).

Anjani: Village of late. Mr. R. R. Patil former dy.C.M. & former Home Minister of Maharashtra.

Aravde: Radhagopal Temple & home place of ISCON (10 km from Tasgaon)

Hatnur & Hatnoli: Honai Temple & Honai Hill where Shivaji Maharaj Surveyed for building fort.

Savarde: Bhavani Fair

Turchi: Training Centre of Maharashtra Police & Tasgaon Sugar Factory.

Jarandi: Village Jarandi is the last end of Tasgaon taluka towards Khanapur. It is situated at about 34 kilometers away from Tasgaon and very close to Karad-Vijapur state highway no. 78. Ancient name of this village was Matanapur which later changed to Jarandi. The temple Shukrachari is located about 4 kilometers away from Jarandi among the hills. In Maharashtra, there are very few temples of God Venkatesh, one being in Jarandi.

Nagewadi: This hamlet is located at about 28 km from Tasgaon. This village is recipient of Nirmal Gram Purskar (Award) in SANT GADAGE BABA GRAM SWACHATA ABHIYAN. The state highway - Miraj–Pandharpur is 6 km away from Nagewadi.

Borgaon: Jagrut Siddheshwar Devsthan. Also known as "Pailwananche Borgaon"

Shirgaon (V): It is situated on Sangli-Vita Road (State Highway No. 10) at about 8.5 Kilometers away from Tasgaon.There are many Freedom Fighters from this village.

Rajapur (V): It is situated on Yerala river near the Sangli- Ahmednagar Road (State Highway No. 60) at about 11 kilometers away from Tasgaon. This village is known for temples like ganapathi, balu mama and shankar.

yelavi: As with other villages in the area, this village is known for grape and sugar cane production.[citation needed]

Nimani:Hanuman temple,Export grapes & sugarcane. known for its Hanuman temple's Yatra festival of Hanuman Jayanti in the month of April

Ped It is situated on tasgaon khanapur state highway at about 25 km from tasgaon and last village of tasgaon towards khanapur it is known for quality grape, turmeric and sugar cane production.[citation needed] It is also known for the shiddishwar temple and Biroba mandir.


  • Honai Temple, Hatnur Village, Taluka Tasgaon, Dist Sangli https://honai.org/. The affairs of Honai Temple is managed by Honai Mandir
  • ISKCON Temple Aravde, Tasgaon
  • Shree Ganpati Mandir, Tasgaon

Police Training School[edit]

  • Police Training School Turchi, Tal. Tasgaon, Dist. Sangli. It is second number training school of Maharashtra Police after Nasik Police Training School.

Education institutes[edit]

  • Swami Ramanand Bharti Vidyamandir, Tasgaon.
  • Anandsagar Public School and Junior College, Tasgaon.
  • Champaben Wadilal Dyanmandir, Tasgaon.
  • Guruvarya Dadoji Konddev Military School, Tasgaon.
  • Ideal English School
  • K R S Mane Patil Vidhyamandir, Visapur
  • Shree Virbhadra Krushi Vidyalaya, Siddhewadi
  • Shrimant Vinayakrao alias Babasaheb Patawardhan Kanya Prashala, Tasgaon
  • Vasantrao Patil High school & Mahavidyalaya, Manjarde
  • Yashwant High School

Maharashtra Ratn V. S. Page Vidyaniketan Krishi Madhyamik Vidyalaya & Junior College Tasgaon

  • Barister T K Shendage vidyalaya and junior college, Ped
  • Panchkroshi Vidyaniketan Nimani
  • Shri Panchkroshi Highschool and Junior College Borgaon
Academic Colleges:
  • Padmabhushan Dr. Vasantraodada Patil Mahavidyalaya, Tasgaon
  • Anandsagar Public School and Junior College, Tasgaon
  • Eklavya College of Pharmacy, Vasumbe, Tasgaon
  • Government ITI College, Tasgaon
  • Government Residence Women Polytechnic, Tasgaon
  • Institute of Management Computer Research Development, Wasumbe
  • Loknete R. R. (Aaba) Patil Education Societys Arts Commerce Science(Agri)Jr college, siddhewadi
  • Mahatma Gandhi Jr College Of Arts & Science, Savlaj
  • Mahatma Gandhi Jr College, Savlaj
  • Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Tasgaon
  • R. R. Patil Mahavidhyalaya, Siddhewadi, Savlaj
  • Shri Veerbhadra Krushi Vidyalaya Siddhewadi (SVKVS)
  • Vidyaniketan krishi madhyamik vidyalaya and Jr. college, Tasgaon
  • Wakratunda Computers, Tasgaon


  • State HQ Mumbai is 400 km by road
  • District HQ Sangli is 22 km by road
  • Nearest railway station Bhilawadi station is 10 km
  • Nearest railway junction Miraj is 25 km
  • Kirloskarvadi Bhilawadi Sangli Karad are nearby railway stations.
  • Pune is 250 km via Karad/Islampur
  • Kolhapur is 70 km via Sangli-Kolhapur highway
  • Coastal city Malvan is 230 km via Kolhapur
  • New Proposed National Highway- Manmad-Ahmadnagar-Daund-Baramati-Phaltan-Vita-Tasgaon-Kakadwadi- Belgaum (570 km)
  • New Proposed National Highway- Guhagar-Karad-Palus-Tasgaon-Kavthe Mahankal-Jath- Bijapur (380 km)


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