Yoon Mi-rae

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Yoon Mi-rae
Yoon Mi-rae.jpg
Yoon Mi-rae in October 2011
Background information
Birth name Natasha Shanta Reid
Also known as Tasha Reid, Baby Tasha, T
Born (1981-05-31) May 31, 1981 (age 36)
Fort Hood, Texas, United States
  • Rapper
  • singer
Years active 1997–present
Associated acts
Korean name
Hangul 윤미래
Hanja 尹未來
Revised Romanization Yun Mi-rae
McCune–Reischauer Yun Mirae

Natasha Shanta Reid (born May 31, 1981), better known by her Korean name Yoon Mi-rae (Hangul윤미래), is an American-born South Korean rapper and singer.[1] She is currently a member of Korean hip hop trio MFBTY.[2] She is considered to be one of the best female rappers in Korea.[3][4][5][6]


Early life and education[edit]

Yoon was born on May 31, 1981 in Fort Hood, Texas to a South Korean mother and an African-American father. Her father had been a radio DJ while serving with the U.S. military in South Korea in the district of Uijeongbu. Yoon cites his record collection as an influence to pursue her music career. After she moved to South Korea as a child, she often faced discrimination because of her mixed heritage. Yoon dropped out of school at age 15 and later took a high school equivalence exam.[7][8][9]

Discovery and Uptown[edit]

Yoon was discovered in 1995 when she accompanied a friend to an audition for a new Korean hip hop group. She did not audition herself, but a World Records representative heard her singing outside of the audition room and signed her to join a new group called Uptown. The group debuted in 1997 when Yoon was just 16.[10]

In 1999, she also formed hip hop and R&B duo "Tashannie" with singer Annie. They released one album, called Parallel Prophecies.[11] Yoon's name, Natasha, was hard for South Koreans to pronounce, so she used the name "Tasha," in order to better appeal to the intended audience.

Uptown broke up in 2000 after several group members were arrested on drug charges. Yoon's then-boyfriend, rapper Tiger JK, was also arrested and spent a month and a half in jail. Yoon herself went into hiding during that period.[12][13]

Solo career and MFBTY[edit]

Yoon debuted as a solo artist in 2001, under the moniker "T" which she shortened even more from "Tasha". She released her first album, As Time Goes By that same year. Her second album, and her second album, Gemini, and third album, To My Love, were released the following year in 2002.[7][10]

In 2006, she joined Jungle Entertainment, a label founded by her now-husband Tiger JK.[14] The following year, she released the album T3 – Yoon Mi Rae, on which she shared the difficulties she faced as a mixed-race artist in Korea. That year, she performed in Seoul, South Korea with American singer Ameriie, who is also of Korean and African-American heritage.[10][15]

In 2012, Yoon became the face of the computer brand Hewlett-Packard in Korea, having signed a one-year contract to appear in their print media and radio advertisements.[16] She was also a judge on the third and fourth seasons of the television talent competition Superstar K.[17]

Yoon, Tiger JK, and rapper Bizzy, formed the hip hop trio MFBTY (My Fans Better Than Yours) in 2013. The group's first single, "Sweet Dream," ranked #1 on three Korean music charts shortly after its release. They had debuted the song at a concert in Cannes, France.[18][19] MFBTY signed to Tiger JK's newly created Feel Ghood Music label later that year.[20]

In September 2013, Yoon earned the #1 spot on Billboard's Korea K-Pop Hot 100 list with her song "Touch Love" from the South Korean drama Master's Sun.[21]

In December 2014, Yoon released the single "Angel," which quickly became #1 on four Korean music charts.[22] Also that month she revealed that the American film The Interview used her song "Pay Day" without permission, and that she was taking legal action.[23]

Personal life[edit]

In June 2007, she married Tiger JK in a private ceremony in a Buddhist Temple. The wedding occurred a month before the death of Tiger JK's grandmother who had wanted to see them wed before her passing. Yoon gave birth to their son Jordan Seo in March 2008.[7][24]

Yoon and her husband are advocates against child abuse. In 2011, they appeared in a photoshoot with their son in Vogue Korea for the "Stop Child Abuse & Love Children" campaign. They also filmed a public service announcement for the World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse, performing at the 2011 Child Abuse Awareness Concert. In 2012, South Korea's Ministry of Health and Welfare commended the couple for their efforts in promoting child abuse prevention.[25][26]

Yoon has also promoted awareness of multiculturalism within Korean families. In 2008, she volunteered for seven months at a multicultural youth camp.[27]


Studio albums[edit]

Album information Track list[nb 1]
As Time Goes By
  • Released: September 10, 2001
  • Language: Korean
Track listing
  1. 바보
  2. 시간이 흐른 뒤
  3. I Miss You So
  4. 슬픔에 기대어
  5. 행복한 나를
  6. 그대없는 사랑
  7. La Musique
  8. As Time Goes By (English Version)
  9. She (...Could Never Be Me) Composed by John Watley III.
  10. 삶의 향기 (Soul Flower)
  11. ( Old School Love) Composed by John Watley III.
  12. 친구가 아닌 연인
  13. La Musique (English Version)
  14. 시간이 흐른 뒤 (Remix Version)
  15. 하루하루
  • Released: May 4, 2002
  • Language: Korean
Track listing
  1. G火자
  2. Meditation
  3. Me We
  4. Memories (Smiling Tears)
  5. Wonder Woman
  6. 끝없는 바다 저편에
  7. Concrete Jungle
  8. Combination Platter
  9. Double Trouble
  10. 남자 남자 남자
  11. Memories (Smiling Tears, Eng. Vers)
  12. Mt (혁명)
To My Love
  • Released: December 5, 2002
  • Language: Korean
Track listing
  1. Unforgettable
  2. To My Love
  3. Tuesday
  4. 선물
  5. To My Love (English Ver.)
  6. 끝없는 바다 저편에
  7. One Day
  8. Because I Love You feat. Bobby Kim
  9. 집으로 와
  10. 나는
  11. 인연
  12. Why Me ?
  13. Gotta Get Love
  14. 찬바람아!
  15. Because I Love You (English Ver.)
  16. 너 (Sad But True)
T Best
  • Released: April 25, 2003
  • Language: Korean
Track listing
  1. To My Love
  2. 바보
  3. 시간이 흐른 뒤 (AS TIME GOES BY)
  4. 선물
  5. 끝없는 바다 저편에
  6. 남자 남자 남자
  7. Tuesday
  8. Concrete Jungle
  9. 행복한 나를
  10. 집으로 와
  11. I Miss You So
  12. 지화자
  13. Wonder Woman
  14. Because I Love You
  15. 찬 바람아
  16. 하루 하루
T3 – Yoon Mi Rae
  • Released: February 24, 2007
  • Language: Korean
Track listing
  1. Black Diamond
  2. What's Up, Mr. Good Stuff
  3. 잊었니
  4. Honeymoon
  5. Gimme, Gimme 이기주의자
  6. Pay Day
  7. 시간은 눈물과 흐르고
  8. 나니까
  9. 검은 행복
  10. Who
  11. Good Bye Sadness, Hello Happiness

Single albums[edit]

As lead artist[edit]

Album information Track list
Rhapsody Part 2 (랩소디 Part 2)
  • Released: May 28, 2008
  • Language: Korean
Track listing
  1. Baby bye bye
  2. 문자놀이 (Drunken Tiger Feat. 윤미래)
Please Don't Go (떠나지마...)
  • Released: January 19, 2009
  • Language: Korean
Track listing
  1. 떠나지마...
  2. 떠나지마... (Inst.)

As featured artist[edit]

Album information Track list
Wonderful (더 카마엘)
  • Released: August 31, 2007
  • Language: Korean
Track listing
  1. Wonderful (with Kim Jo-han)
  2. Wonderful (with Kim Jo-han) (Inst.)
Get It In (The Creators Project)
  • Released: October 27, 2011
  • Language: Korean
Track listing
  1. Get It In (Feat. Tiger JK, 정인) (Korean Ver.)
  2. Get It In (Feat. Smokey Robotic) (English Ver.)
  3. Get It In (Inst.)
AsuRa BalBalTa (by Leessang)
  • Released: August 25, 2011
  • Language: Korean
  1. TV를 껐네.. (feat. Yoon Mi-rae, Kwon Jung-yeol)
Because of You (SM Station)
  • Released: February 26, 2016
  • Language: Korean
Track listing
  1. Because of You
  2. Because of You (Inst.)

Soundtrack appearances[edit]

Album information Track list
Master's Sun OST Part 4
  • Released: August 28, 2013
  • Language: Korean
Track listing
  1. Touch Love
  2. Touch Love (Inst.)
It's Okay, That's Love OST Part 6
  • Released: August 27, 2014
  • Language: Korean
Track listing
  1. I Love You (너를 사랑해)
  2. I Love You (너를 사랑해) (Inst.)
Who Are You: School 2015 OST Part 3
  • Released: August 27, 2014
  • Language: Korean
Track listing
  1. I'll Listen To What You Have To Say (너의 얘길 들어줄게)
  2. I'll Listen To What You Have To Say (너의 얘길 들어줄게) (Inst.)
Descendants of the Sun OST Part 1
  • Released: February 18, 2016
  • Language: Korean
Track listing
  2. ALWAYS (Inst.)
The Legend of the Blue Sea OST Part 2
  • Released: November 24, 2016
  • Language: Korean
Track listing
  1. A World That Is You (그대라는 세상)
  2. A World That Is You (그대라는 세상) (Inst.)
Hit the Top OST Part 3
  • Released: June 16, 2017
  • Language: Korean
Track listing
  1. The Sky of Youth (젊은 날의 Sky)
  2. The Sky of Youth (젊은 날의 Sky) (Inst.)

Television appearances[edit]


MelOn Music Awards[edit]

Year Nominee/work Award Result
2013 Yoon Mi-rae Best Original Soundtrack Won

Mnet Asian Music Awards[edit]

Year Nominee/work Award Result
2007 "Have You Forgotten?"[29] Best R&B Performance Won
2013 "Touch Love"[30] Best Original Soundtrack Won
2014 "I Love You"[31] Nominated


  1. ^ The tracks in bold are the promotional singles in each album.


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