Tashan, Bahrain

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Tashan (Arabic:طشان) is a village located in the Kingdom of Bahrain, on the western outskirts of the capital city Manama.


Tashan is situated 'constituency one' in the Northern Governorate administrative region.[1] The constituency is also the largest constituency in the country, with more than 17,000 voters.[2] In the 2010 Bahraini parliamentary elections, the constituency's seat in parliament was won by Matar Matar from Al Wefaq National Islamic Society, after obtaining a landslide victory of 85.7%.[1][2] The seat was vacated after Matar resigned as part of an en-masse resignation by 18 Al Wefaq MPs during the Arab Spring uprising in February 2011, in protest of an earlier crackdown on protesters.[3] By-elections were held for the seats were held on 24 September later that year, with independent Ali Hassan Ali winning constituency one's seat.[4]

The village was hit economically by the unrest, with traders reporting in March 2011 that there was a low turnout of customers.[5]


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Coordinates: 26°12′36″N 50°32′46″E / 26.210°N 50.546°E / 26.210; 50.546