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Developer(s)João Dias (joaomgcd), previously Crafty Apps EU
Initial release2010[1]
Operating systemAndroid
Size(Varies with device)
TypeAutomation, tools
LicenseProprietary trialware[1]

Tasker is an application for Android which performs tasks based on contexts (application, time, date, location, event, gesture) in user-defined profiles, clickable or timer home screen widgets. It controls an Android device without the need for root or a special home screen.


Tasker works manually as well as automatically. It monitors the phone for contexts and performs tasks based on them. A profile stands as combination of a context and a task.[2]


Listed functions are the main tasks that can be performed by the app. As per updates, several features may be removed or added.[3]

  • Passcode-lock sensitive applications
  • Change phone settings using
  • Wake up with random tunes
  • Text-to-speech; read out loud: incoming SMS/ phone number, WiFi/Bluetooth status
  • Change home icons and wallpaper daily (or in particular locations)
  • Turn the phone upside down to return to the home screen,
  • Tilt 90 degrees to the left and back to toggle speakerphone during a call
  • Create a Home widget
  • Remap camera etc. buttons to other applications, or show a menu of applications and/or actions
  • Zip/unzip application data on the fly when an application is launched/exits
  • Pause music playback while in a particular application, restart on exit
  • Change the Home icon for any application
  • Take time-lapse photo series (secretive)
  • Make regular backup of a file on the SD card
  • Track phone location via SMS in case of theft
  • Extend the use of the media button on headset:
  • Take a picture from a distance or go to the previous media track with a long press
  • Record call times and destinations to the SD card
  • Show popups when an SMS arrives from a particular phone number
  • Setup birthdays SMS to be sent months before it happens
  • Record battery levels over time to a file on SD card
  • Setup a vacation SMS message, with different messages for different callers
  • Launch a music application when headphones are connected


Released in 2010,[1] in November 2015, Tasker app was removed from the Google Play Store for violating the Developer Programme Policy regarding Dangerous Products for system interference. The issue appeared related to Doze and App Standby features, which were instead of a blanket permission to ignore battery optimizations.[4] Google allows chat and voice apps to use the permission in Android to ignore the new battery optimization, features introduced with Doze Mode in Android 6.0 Marshmallow.[5] Although the app was back as "paid app" in 2016, the availability for Android 6.0 stands unknown through the Google Play Store.

Tasker App Factory[edit]

The "Tasker App Factory", created by the developer of Tasker, allows Tasker projects to be exported as standalone apps. The resulting app can be distributed and installed on devices that do not have Tasker installed.[2] However, if the exported project uses plugins then the relevant plugins must be installed on the destination device. Unlike Tasker, the App Factory is offered at no charge at the Google Play Store.[2] Further, apps produced by the App Factory can be distributed on the Play Store and profited from, without any stated licensing restrictions.[6]


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