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Taskwarrior logo.png
Taskwarrior 1.9.x demonstrating colored themes.
Taskwarrior 1.9.x demonstrating colored themes.
Original author(s) Paul Beckingham
Developer(s) Paul Beckingham, Federico Hernandez, David J Patrick, John Florian, Cory Donnelly, Johannes Schlatow, Dirk Deimeke, Scott Kostyshak, Renato Alves, Wim Schuermann, Tomas Babej
Initial release 3 June 2008; 9 years ago (2008-06-03)
Stable release
2.5.1 / 24 February 2016; 22 months ago (2016-02-24)
Development status Active
Written in C++[1]
Operating system Windows (Cygwin), Linux, Mac OS X, BSD
Available in English
Type Task management, Time management
License MIT License
Website taskwarrior.org

Taskwarrior is an open-source, cross platform time and task management tool. It has a command-line interface rather than a graphical user interface.

Taskwarrior uses concepts and techniques described in Getting Things Done by David Allen, but is paradigm-agnostic in that it does not require users to adhere to any given life-management philosophy.[citation needed]

According to its author, Taskwarrior was created "to address layout and feature issues"[2] in the Todo.txt applications popularized by Gina Trapani.[3]

With Timewarrior, the authors offer an accompanying tool to track time spent on projects.[4] Configuration allows e. g. to define recurring breaks such as lunch time.[5] The documention notes that "Timewarrior focusses on accurately recording time already spent, whereas Taskwarrior looks forward to work that is not yet done."[6]


Taskwarrior's source code is freely available and can be compiled and run on a variety of architectures and operating systems, or installed using binaries obtained with common package management tools: (apt, Fink, yum, dnf, pkgng, pkg_add, etc.)[7]

Typical Workflow[edit]

Taskwarrior comprises three main commands: add, list, and done. All other functionality – recurrences, tags, priorities, etc. – are optional.

Adding a task[edit]

$ task add Pick up keys to the new apartment
Created task 1.

Listing Tasks[edit]

$ task list
ID Project Pri Due Active Age    Description                      
1                        4 secs Pick up keys to the new apartment
1 task

Marking a task as completed[edit]

$ task 1 done
Completed 1 'Pick up keys to the new apartment'.
Marked 1 task as done.

Creating a task with due dates, recurrences, and tags[edit]

$ task add Mow the lawn project:Lawnwork due:tomorrow recur:biweekly +home
Created task 1.


When used in conjunction with Taskserver, can sync tasks into the cloud, and indirectly with other clients/devices.


  • Issue 124 of the UK Linux Format magazine (November 2009) featured Taskwarrior in its Hot Picks section.[8]
  • RadioTux Talk #137 (July 2011, German) chose Taskwarrior as Hot Pick[9]
  • FLOSS Weekly dedicated episode 175 (July 2011) to Taskwarrior[10]
  • Linux Voice featured tutorial to Taskwarrior in 6th issue.[11]

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