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Ambulance Tasmania
Agency overview
Jurisdiction Government of Tasmania
Employees 225
Parent agency Department of Health and Human Services
Website Tasmanian Ambulance Service
Mercedes Benz Sprinter ambulances

Ambulance Tasmania, formerly known as the Tasmanian Ambulance Service, provides ambulance services in the state of Tasmania, Australia. The service was established by the Ambulance Service Act 1982[1] and operates within the Department of Health and Human Services.

The service has approximately 520 volunteer officers and 225 paid staff,[2] operating through a network of 45 stations.[3]

The service is provided free to Tasmanian residents. Unlike other Australian states, Tasmania does not have an ambulance fee or levy.[3]

Two BK 117's operate out of Hobart airport as aeromedical helicopters which are shared with the Tasmanian Police contracted from the Tasmania Air Rescue Trust.

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