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Tasmanian Grade Cricket, or the Tasmanian Grade Competition, refers to the hierarchically graded cricket competitions played in Tasmania, Australia. The Tasmanian grade competitions all come under the administration of the Tasmanian Cricket Association.

Grade Cricket in Australia is the next level below First class cricket, and as such players seeking selection for Tasmania's representative side, the Tasmanian Tigers, must first prove themselves in the Tasmanian Grade Competition.

The club cricket competition in Tasmania is divided up into three main regional zones, South, North and North-west. Grade sides also compete for a number of competitions in first class cricket, one-day cricket and Twenty20 versions of cricket.


Southern Clubs[edit]

Northern Clubs[edit]

North-Western Clubs[edit]

Representative Sides[edit]

  • Chairman's XI
  • TCA
  • NTCA
  • Jamie Cox Plate XI
  • Tasmanian Under 19's


Grade Cricket[edit]

Grade cricket is one level below first class cricket competition and consists of games played over at least two days, but sometimes, three, often played over two weekends. In Tasmania there are three senior grades, known simply as "1st Grade", "2nd Grade", and "3rd Grade", and two junior grades, "Under-17" and "Under-15". There are also sometimes unofficial "4th grade" and "5th grade" games.

Kookaburra Cup[edit]

The Kookaburra Cup is Tasmania's grade cricket limited overs competition. Games are 50 overs per side, and are played in accordance with current ICC regulations for One Day International.

Jamie Cox Plate[edit]

The Jamie Cox Plate is an opportunity for young Tasmanian players of talent to showcase their abilities. It was first held in 2003 and has since become an annual competition held between select XI's of talented players representing the TCA, NTCA, NWTCA and Tasmanian under-19 teams. Previous Winners:

  • 2003-2004 - NTCA
  • 2004-2005 - TCA
  • 2005-2006 - TCA
  • 2006-2007 - TCA

Grade Twenty/20 Comp[edit]

The Twenty/20 comp is a new competition held between Tasmanian club sides according to the rule of the innovative Twenty20 version of cricket. It is designed to equip developing players to play that version of the game at inter-state, and possibly international level later in their careers, as well as giving an exciting new attraction to the grade season.

Greater Northern[edit]

In the current absence of an NTCA competition there is a combined table which incorporates the NTCA clubs and the NWTCA clubs and goes towards deciding an overall "Greater Northern" champion.

The Premier Club[edit]

The Premier Club is the list of clubs who have been TCA champions. Up to the end of the 2013-14 season the complete list of the Premier Club looks like this:

  • North Hobart - 18
  • Break O'Day - 17
  • Wellington - 16
  • Glenorchy - 16
  • New Town - 13 (inc record seven in a row)
  • Clarence - 12
  • Kingborough - 10
  • University - 6
  • South Hobart - 5
  • East Hobart - 4
  • North West - 3
  • Sandy Bay - 3
  • Kingston - 3
  • Lindisfarne - 2
  • West Hobart - 1
  • East Suburbs - 1

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