Tasmanian Legislative Council periodic elections, 2007

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Periodic elections for the Tasmanian Legislative Council were held on 6 May 2007. The three seats up for election were Montgomery, held by independent MLC Sue Smith; Nelson, held by independent MLC Jim Wilkinson; and Pembroke, held by Labor MLC Allison Ritchie. Montgomery was last contested in 2002, while Nelson and Pembroke were last contested in 2001.


Independent MLC Sue Smith was elected to the Council for the seat of Leven in 1997, and successfully transferred to the new seat of Montgomery in 2002. She was not opposed in this election.[1]

Tasmanian Legislative Council periodic elections, 2007: Montgomery
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Independent Sue Smith unopposed
Independent hold Swing


Independent MLC Jim Wilkinson first entered the Council as the member for Queenborough in 1995, successfully transferring to Nelson in 2001. His only opponent was Tom Nilsson of the Tasmanian Greens, an anti-population-growth activist.[1]

Tasmanian Legislative Council periodic elections, 2007: Nelson[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Independent Jim Wilkinson 11,232 61.60 +12.61
Greens Tom Nilsson 7,003 38.40 +38.40
Total formal votes 18,235 97.36 +0.83
Informal votes 494 2.64 -0.83
Turnout 18,729 81.01 -1.06
Independent hold Swing +3.03


Labor MLC Allison Ritchie had held Pembroke since defeating independent member Cathy Edwards in 2001, in a result attributed to dissatisfaction with Edwards' dual role as MLC and Mayor of Clarence. On her election Ritchie was the youngest member ever elected to the Legislative Council. In 2007 she faced five opponents. The only other party to endorse a candidate was the Tasmanian Greens, who ran protestor and former candidate Neil Smith. The four independents were: Clarence alderman Richard James, a former Liberal and Democrat serial candidate; John Peers, another Clarence alderman; former Clarence alderman David Jackson; and Hobart City Council alderman Marti Zucco.[1]

Ritchie won a majority while there were still three candidates in the count, so a two-party preferred count was not conducted.

Tasmanian Legislative Council periodic elections, 2007: Pembroke[3]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labor Allison Ritchie 8,513 42.87 -14.22
Independent Richard James 3,650 18.38 +18.38
Greens Neil Smith 2,662 13.41 +13.41
Independent Marti Zucco 2,332 11.74 +11.74
Independent John Peers 1,839 9.26 +9.26
Independent David Jackson 860 4.33 +4.33
Total formal votes 19,856 96.74 +0.09
Informal votes 669 3.26 -0.09
Turnout 20,525 87.52 -1.55
After distribution of preferences from three excluded candidates
Labor Allison Ritchie 10,161 51.46
Independent Richard James 6,156 31.18
Greens Neil Smith 3,428 17.36
Labor hold Swing


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