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Tasmanian beers include Boags in Launceston and Cascade in Hobart, which are the two largest Tasmanian beer producers in the State.[citation needed] Traditionally people from the South of Tasmania drank Cascade whereas Boags is drunk in the North, however this is becoming less so as intrastate migration increases (and people take their beer preferences with them). Tasmania also has a number of small craft breweries around the state.

Tasmanian breweries[edit]

  • J. Boag & Son (Lion Nathan) - Launceston
  • Cascade (Foster's Group) - Hobart
  • Seven Sheds - Railton
  • Van Dieman Brewing - Evandale
  • Moo Brew - Hobart
  • Iron House Brewery - White Sands
  • Two Metre Tall Brewing Co - Derwent Valley
  • Morrison Brewery - Launceston

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