Tasmanian state election, 1912

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Tasmanian state election, 1912
1909 ←
30 April 1912 → 1913

All 30 seats to the House of Assembly
  First party Second party
  Neil Elliott Lewis.jpg John Earle (Australian politician).jpg
Leader Elliott Lewis John Earle
Party Commonwealth Liberal Labour
Leader since 14 June 1912 1906
Leader's seat Denison Franklin
Last election 18 seats 12 seats
Seats won 16 seats 14 seats
Seat change Decrease2 Increase2
Percentage 54.48% 45.54%
Swing Increase3.87 Increase6.58

Premier before election

Elliott Lewis
Commonwealth Liberal

Elected Premier

Elliott Lewis
Commonwealth Liberal

A general election for the House of Assembly was held in the Australian state of Tasmania on 30 April 1912 (a Tuesday, as the convention of holding elections on a Saturday did not become common until the 1920s).


Tasmania's incumbent Premier was Sir Elliott Lewis, who had won a seat in Denison as an Anti-Socialist in the 1909 election. Urged by his predecessor, John Earle, to organise against the Labour Party, Sir Elliott supported the formation of the Tasmanian Liberal League (not directly related to the modern Liberal Party of Australia which was founded in 1944).[1] The Liberal Party would later regroup to contest the 1919 election as the Nationalist Party.[2]

Key dates[edit]

Date Event
23 March 1912 New electoral rolls came into force.[3]
4 April 1912 The Parliament was dissolved.[4]
30 April 1912 Polling day, between the hours of 8am and 6pm.
14 June 1912 The Lewis Ministry was reconstituted.
2 July 1912 Parliament was summoned for business.[5]


Tasmanian state election, 30 April 1912
House of Assembly
<< 19091913 >>

Enrolled voters 103,513
Votes cast 76,052 Turnout 73.47% +20.85%
Informal votes 2,166 Informal 2.85% –0.01%
Summary of votes by party
Party Primary votes  % Swing Seats Change
  Liberal 40,252 54.48% +3.87% 16 – 2
  Labour 33,634 45.52% +6.58% 14 + 2
  Others –10.45% 0 ± 0
Total 73,886     30  

Distribution of Seats[edit]

Electorate Seats won


The Liberal Party won the election, with a two-seat majority after Labour gained two seats. Despite leading the Liberals to victory, Elliott Lewis was criticised internally within the party, and resigned the leadership to Albert Solomon on 14 June the same year.[1]

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