Tasov (Žďár nad Sázavou District)

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Tasov kostel.JPG
Coat of arms
Country Czech Republic
Region Vysočina
Coordinates 49°17′18″N 16°05′41″E / 49.28833°N 16.09472°E / 49.28833; 16.09472Coordinates: 49°17′18″N 16°05′41″E / 49.28833°N 16.09472°E / 49.28833; 16.09472
Highest point
 - elevation 410 m (1,345 ft)
Area 7.76 km2 (3.00 sq mi)
Population 640 (2014)
Density 82/km2 (212/sq mi)
First mentioned 1233
Postal code 675 79
Location in the Czech Republic
Location in the Czech Republic
Website: [1]

Tasov is a village near Velké Meziříčí. There is a baroque church of St. Peter and St. Paul, and ruins of a gothic stronghold Hrádek below the village.


Tasov was founded in the 12th century. First written note is from the year 1233, when the owner of Tasov became Záviš z Tasova. In 1234 Tasov changes hands and is owned by Mladota. The village Tasov quickly became a major religious centre serving parishes in nearby villages of Dolní Bory, Mostiště Zhoř, Vicenice, Náměšt, Březník, Kralice, Hartvikovice, Koněšín, Zvole, Nové Veselí, Svratka, Radostín. In 1237 Tasov moves into the hands of Bohuš z Tasova and in 1281 is transferred to Vznata, whose son Jan becomes a bishop in Olomouc. In 1356 becomes the property of Tas and in 1390 is owned by Jan Tas who in the same year sold parts to Sezam. Family Rohovsky becomes a prominent family in Tasov where they stayed until the middle of 20th century, at which time they are forcefully moved out by the communist government. Jan Tas builds a castle nearby called Castle Dub. Between the years of 1573 and 1644 is Tasov owned by Václav Berka from Dubé, husband of Alena Meziříčská from Lomnice. In 1644 Tasov is inherited by the family Fürstenberk that greatly architecturally improved Tasov and neighboring town Budišov. The fire department is founded in 1885. The year 1923 marks the finishing of the community house. The architect responsible for the community house and also house of Jakub Deml is Bohumil Fuchs, later named the national artist. Public transport starts its service in Tasov in 1927. Electricity is brought in during the years 1928-1929. 1966 is the year when television was brought to Tasov. A new school building was finished after the fall of communism in the year of 1996.

Jakub Deml[edit]

Jakub Deml, one of the best Czech poets of the 20th century, was born in Tasov. Since 1922, he lived there permanently in a little "villa", the first completed building designed by the architect Bohumil Fuchs.[1] The building was subsidised by the government and also by Otokar Březina, Pavla Kytlicová and T. G. Masaryk. Deml wrote the official chronicle of Tasov until 1929 when the local council forced him to stop and found another author, following a trial accusing Deml of offending the republic and the nation.[2] Deml often wrote about Tasov (the village is sometimes used in a book's title too, such as Pozdrav Tasova (Tasov's Greeting);[3] also one of the posthumous compilations of his works is called simply Tasov) - and made it immortal by his genius.


"When a seven-year-old boy makes his very first unaided journey to the neighbour village which is hardly half an hour walk from his home, after years he still can dream about this journey as he’d dream of a crusade to the Holy Land. The physical horizon of his eyes will get wider and wider, such as the circles on the surface of the lake into which a hydroplane fell from a thousand metres, but his spiritual horizon will even after years stay in the centre which is called the natal land. This centre will always remain his Archimedes‘-place-to-stand-on and also always his Achilles‘ heel." (Jakub Deml, Pozdrav Tasova, 1932)



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