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Bydel Tasta
Coat of arms of Bydel Tasta
Coat of arms
Location within Stavanger municipality
Location within Stavanger municipality
Coordinates: 58°58′52″N 05°41′36″E / 58.98111°N 5.69333°E / 58.98111; 5.69333Coordinates: 58°58′52″N 05°41′36″E / 58.98111°N 5.69333°E / 58.98111; 5.69333
Country Norway
Region Western Norway
County Rogaland
District Jæren
City Stavanger
 • Total 10.87 km2 (4.20 sq mi)
Elevation[1] 65 m (213 ft)
Population (2016)[2]
 • Total 15,379
 • Density 1,400/km2 (3,700/sq mi)
Time zone CET (UTC+01:00)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+02:00)
Post Code 4029 Stavanger

Tasta is a borough of the city of Stavanger in Rogaland county, Norway. The borough is located in the northern part of the city, however it is split between the mainland along the Byfjorden plus the eastern part of the island of Åmøy (the western part is in Rennesøy municipality).[3] The 10.87-square-kilometre (2,690-acre) borough has a population (2016) of 15,379. This gives the borough a population density of 1,415 inhabitants per square kilometre (3,660/sq mi).[2]

The local sports clubs are Tasta IL and Vardeneset BK.


Although the borders of "neighbourhoods" (delområder) do not correspond exactly to the borough borders, Tasta roughly consists of the following neighbourhoods: Indre Tasta and Ytre Tasta.


Tasta borough is led by a borough council (bydelsutvalg). The council consists of 11 members, with the following party allegiances:[4]

Tasta bydelsutvalg 2015–2019
Party Name Name in Norwegian Number of
  Labour Party Arbeiderpartiet 3
  Progress Party Fremskrittspartiet 1
  Conservative Party Høyre 2
  Christian Democratic Party Kristelig Folkeparti 1
  Pensioners' Party Pensjonistpartiet 1
  Socialist Left Party Sosialistisk Venstreparti 1
  Liberal Party Venstre 1
  Local Lists Lokale lister 1
Total number of members: 11


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