Taste Me... Don't Waste Me

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Taste Me...Don't Waste Me
Taste Me Don't Waste Me Album.jpg
Studio album by Lynsey de Paul
Released November 1974
Genre R&B
Length 43:53
Label Jet
Producer Lynsey de Paul
Lynsey de Paul chronology
The World of Lynsey de Paul
Taste Me...Don't Waste Me
Love Bomb

Taste Me...Don't Waste Me is the third album by the English singer-songwriter Lynsey de Paul but the second album of completely new material (following "Surprise" and the compilation album "The World of...").[1][2][3] It was released in November 1974 [4] and was the first album on Don Arden's then new label, Jet Records,[5] later the home of ELO and Ozzy Osbourne.[6] The album was generally well received by music critics from leading magazines of the day.[7][8][9] AllMusic journalist Craig Harris stated that "one of the first successful female singer-songwriters in England, de Paul has had an illustrious career".[10] De Paul wrote on her music store website some years later "The "Taste Me Don't Waste Me" album was a romantic collection of songs that I wrote and recorded as a relaxing, late night album",[11] echoing earlier comments to the music press.[12]

The album features some of the UK's most famous musicians of the time including drummer Terry Cox, guitarist Chris Rae, bass guitarist Dave Markee, percussion John Dean, Terry Cox and String arrangements Gerry Shury, Christopher Gunning and the Benny Goodman Trio.[13] The sleeve notes gave "special thanks to Don Arden and the Gang". The album was released on CD in Japan in 1999.[14] Notable tracks include "My Man and Me", a top 40 hit for de Paul and her version of "Dancin' (on a Saturday Night)", which had previously been an international hit for her co-writer, Barry Blue. "My Man and Me" was covered in 2013 by Japanese singer "Beautiful Hummingbird" as a track on her self titled album.[15] Other notable songs on the album include "Rainbow" which was co-written by de Paul and Allan Clarke, founding member and the original lead singer of The Hollies[16] and the ballad "When I'm Alone With You".

De Paul launched the Taste Me, Don't Waste Me album at an event at the Dorchester Hotel, London, on 28 November 1974.[17][18][19] She performed many of the songs from this album as a special guest on each episode of the TV show Cooper, hosted by comic Tommy Cooper.[20][21] De Paul appeared on The Old Grey Whistle Test on 31 January 1975, where she performed live versions of "Let's Boogie" and "My Man and Me" to promote the album.[22]

Swedish singer Agnetha Munther (aka Agneta Munther) covered the songs "Taste me" (Låt dina sinnen få smaka)[23] and "My Man and Me" ("Min man och jag")[24], but with Swedish lyrics by Britt Lindeborg on her 1975 album Två Sidor.[25] The punk rock song "Bata Hotel" by Crass on their album Penis Envy,[26] directly lifts the lyrics "Use me don't lose me, Taste me, don't waste me" from de Paul's album title track.[27]

The song "Ooh I Do" was originally released as a stand alone single in 1974 on the Warner Bros label and was a hit in the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands.[28] It was included as a track on the CD release of Taste Me... Don't Waste Me.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "My Man and Me" (Lynsey de Paul) 3:59 (UK #40)
  2. "Moonrise" (Lynsey de Paul, Barry Blue) 4:00
  3. "Taste Me" (Lynsey de Paul) 3:56
  4. "Let's Boogie" (Lynsey de Paul) 3:32
  5. "Dancin' (on a Saturday Night)" (Lynsey de Paul, Barry Blue) 4:01
  6. "Lying Again" (Lynsey de Paul) 4:13
  7. "If Only" (Lynsey de Paul, Barry Blue) 4:11
  8. "Rainbow" (Lynsey de Paul, Allan Clarke) 4:23
  9. "Nursery Rhyme" (Lynsey de Paul, Barry Blue) 4:21
  10. "When I'm Alone With You" (Lynsey de Paul) 3:53
  11. "Ooh I Do" (Lynsey de Paul, Barry Blue) 3:24 (Not on LP JET LP 07)


  • All vocals – Lynsey de Paul
  • Drums - Terry Cox
  • Guitar - Chris Rae
  • Bass guitar and string bass - Dave Markee
  • Percussion - John Dean and Terry Cox
  • Keyboards - Lynsey de Paul
  • String arrangements - Gerry Shury (tracks 9 & 10), "Benny Goodman Trio" (tracks 4 & 8), Chris Gunning (tracks 1, 2, 3, 5 & 6)


  • Produced by Lynsey de Paul
  • Engineered by Geoff Calver
  • Art direction by Michael Doud (AGI)
  • Photography by John Thornton


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