Tat Ming Pair

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Tat Ming Pair
Chinese name達明一派 (traditional)
Pinyinda2 ming2 yi1 pai4 (Mandarin)
Jyutpingdaat6 ming4 jat1 paai1 (Cantonese)
OriginHong Kong
Years active1985-1990, 2004-2005, 2011-present
Genre(s)Cantopop, alternative pop, rock
Anthony Wong Yiu Ming
Tats Lau
Past members
Chan siu

Tat Ming Pair is a Hong Kong singing group, which consists of Anthony Wong Yiu Ming (黃耀明), lead singer, and Tats Lau (劉以達), guitarist and composer. The group was conceived in 1984, formed in 1985 and enjoyed success until 1990 when the group decided to disband. Anthony proceeded as a solo artist while Tats went into acting. The group had a short reunion stint in 1996. In December 2004, the group regrouped for the concert Live For The People (為人民服務). The latest album The Party was released in 2005.


  • 1986 – Tat Ming Pair 達明一派 (EP)
  • 1986 – Tat Ming Pair II 達明一派 II
  • 1987 – Remix (EP)
  • 1987 – Stone Age 石頭記 (shek tau gei)
  • 1987 - I Wait for You to Return 我等著你回來 (ngo daang zeuk nei wooi loi)
  • 1987 – Endless Night 夜未央 (ye mei yeung, Remix EP)
  • 1988 – Do You Still Love Me? 你還愛我嗎? (nei waan ngoi ngo ma?)
  • 1988 – We Exactly Mature This Way 我們就是這樣長大的 (ngo muon tzau si tze yeung cheung dai dik)
    A compilation with somes remixes and a couple new songs
  • 1989 – yi nan ping 意難平
  • 1990 – Nerve / Nervous System 神經 (san ging)
  • 1990 – Different Memories 不一樣的記憶 (baat yat yeung dik gei yik)
    A compilation with a few new songs
  • 1996 – Serve the People! 為人民服務 (wai yaan man fook mou)
    Album box set of prior albums with a bonus of unpublished recordings
  • 1996 – man seui, man seui, man man seui! 萬歲萬歲萬萬歲!
  • 1996 – man seui, man seui, man man seui! Concert 萬歲萬歲萬萬歲演唱會
  • 2005 – Tat Ming Reunion 達明 Reunion (Compilation)
  • 2005 – The Party
  • 2005 – Serve the People! Concert 為人民服務演唱會
  • 2005 – Sony Presents: Same Audience, Different Music Concert with Tat Ming Pair and Nicholas Tse 新城唱好 謝霆鋒X達明一派 同場異夢音樂會
  • 2012 – Turn On the Concert 兜兜轉轉演演唱唱會 (dau dau juen juen yin yin cheung cheung wooi, Concert)