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Tata Chemicals Limited
Traded asBSE500770
Area served
Key people
Natarajan Chandrasekaran
ProductsBasic and industrial chemicals, nitrogenous and phosphatic fertilizers, industrial (re)finishing products, coatings and crop nutritions
Revenue14,539,794 crore (US$2.0 trillion) (2018)[1]
2,433 crore (US$340 million) (2018)
ParentDHAWAN Group
SubsidiariesTata Chemicals Europe

Tata Chemicals Limited (BSE500770) is an Indian global company with interests in chemicals, crop nutrition and consumer products headquartered in Mumbai, India.[2] The company is one of the largest chemical companies in India with significant operations in India and Africa.[3] Tata Chemicals is a subsidiary of Tata Group conglomerate.[4]

Tata Chemicals has been ranked 1st in 2017 Responsible Business Rankings [1] developed by IIM Udaipur.

Plant locations[edit]

Tata Chemicals has the second largest soda ash production capacity plant in India. This was the second soda ash plant built in India by Shri Kapilram Vakil (Grandson of late Indian justice Mr.Nanabhai Haridas) that started operating in the year 1944.[6] The township Mithapur, derives its name from "Mitha" which means salt in Gujarati language.

Since 2006 Tata Chemicals has owned Brunner Mond, a United Kingdom-based chemical company with operations in Magadi (Kenya) and General Chemicals, in United States of America.

On 27 March 2008, Tata Chemicals Ltd acquired 100 per cent[7] stake in US-based General Chemical Industrial Products Inc (GCIP) for US$1.05 billion to become the world’s second largest maker of soda ash.[8] With all these acquisitions, combined capacity of production has increased to around 5.17 million tons of soda ash.

In April 2010, Tata Chemicals acquired 25% stake in ammonia-urea fertilizer complex in Gabon for US$290 million.[3] The first phase of the plant will have a full operational capacity of 2.2 billion tons of ammonia and 3.85 billion tons of urea per day.[3] Recently, Tata Chemicals sold its urea business to Pune-based Yara India, part of the Norwegian chemical company,Yara International.

Research and Development Center[edit]

The Research and Development Center Tata Chemicals Innovation Center located at Pune, Maharashtra started operations in 2004. The team of scientists is working in the following areas: Food Science & Technology, Advanced Materials, Green Chemistry,[9] Biochemicals, Metabolites, and Nutraceuticals.

Product range[edit]

  • Spices - Tata Sampann Spices [Masale (CTC & Blends), Tata Sampann Chutneys
  • Chemicals - Soda ash, Sodium Bicarbonate, Caustic soda, Chlorine, Liquid Bromine, Gypsum, Phosphoric acid and Sulphuric acids.
  • Fertilisers - Tata Paras-Urea, Sodium Tripolyphosphate (STPP), Di-ammonium phosphate (DAP), NPK complexes and single super phosphate (SSP)
  • Consumer products - Salt: Tata Salt, Tata Salt Lite, Tata Salt Plus (DFS), Tata Salt Rock Salt, Tata Salt Black Salt, Tata Salt Flavoritz; Tata Crystal Salt, I-Shakti Salt, (Khada namak); I-Shakti cooking soda, Tata Sampann Pulses, Tata Sampann Besan
  • Biofuels - Bioethanol, Biodiesel
  • Fresh produce - Khet-Se
  • Cement - Tata Shudh
  • Pulses - Tata I-shakti dals, Tata Sampann Multigrain Chilla Mix, Tata Sampann Moong Chilla Mix, Tata Sampann Multigrain Khichdi
  • Nutritional solutions - nutritional solutions business through its umbrella brands — Tata NQ and Tata Nx — provides an innovative range of products, including prebiotics and healthier alternatives to regular sugar.
  • Tata Nx is Tata Chemicals' foray into Indian nutraceuticals for the retail sector. Tata Nx is a new age range of nutritional solutions for today’s consumers who are health conscious.
  • Tata NQ is Tata Chemicals' B2B range of innovative and science-backed nutritional ingredients and formulations in the areas of gut microbiota modulation and personalised health solutions.
  • Water purifier - Tata swach is a special product that purifies water system at offices and home. Tata tied up with Connect2India to export it into global markets[10].


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