Tata Magic Iris

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Tata Magic Iris
Manufacturer Tata Motors
Production 2010-present
Assembly Pune, India
Uttarakhand, India
Body and chassis
Class Microvan/Minivan
Body style 3-door microvan
Layout RR layout
Engine 0.6 L diesel Single
Transmission 4-speed TA59 manual transaxle [1]
Wheelbase 1,650 mm (65.0 in) [1]
Length 2,960 mm (116.5 in) [1]
Width 1,512 mm (59.5 in) [1]
Height 1,800 mm (70.9 in) (unladen) [1]
Curb weight 685–1,110 kg (1,510–2,447 lb) [1]

The Tata Magic Iris is a 3-door, 4- or 5-seater microvan/minivan manufactured by Tata Motors. Powered by a 600cc one-cylinder diesel engine, it is intended to compete with auto-rickshaws.[2]
With its engine delivering 11 hp (8 kW) and 31 Nm of torque,[3] the vehicle has a top speed of just 34 mph (55 km/h).

The Magic Iris is made using an all steel body and frame – reinforced by reverse hat section chassis rails and beams, welded under its floor.[3]
The vehicle features all-around independent suspension with coil springs – MacPherson struts in the front, and semi-trailing arms in the rear.[1]

With a vehicle length 1cm shorter than the 1957 Fiat 500, the Magic Iris is one of the shortest four-seat cars ever produced — however its limited top speed would prohibit actually registering it as a car in many countries.

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The Magic Iris has only one door on the right, but two on the left.