Tata Novus

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Tata Novus
Tata Novus 3434.JPG
Manufacturer Tata Motors
Also called Tata Daewoo Novus


2012-present(NOVUS SE)
Assembly Gunsan, South Korea[1]
Body and chassis
Class Truck,
Body style 2-door truck
Engine 8.3L Cummins, 7.6L & 11.1L Doosan
Transmission 12-speed manual, 16-speed manual

Tata Novus is the Tata Motors' first new offering from its acquisition of Daewoo's truck manufacturing unit. Tata Novus is based on the Daewoo Novus truck available in South Korea. It was launched in December 2005. Tata Motors became the first Indian manufacturer to introduce 300 horsepower (220 kW) heavy commercial vehicles.[citation needed]

Tata Novus is powered by a Cummins C8.3-300 engine that’s Bharat Stage III compliant. It comes with a fully synchronised gear box with 10 forward gears and 2 reverse gears. Korean variants however use the Cummins ISM 440 or the IVECO FPT Cursor 11 420 for newer models


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