Tatar Book Publishers

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Tatar Book Publishers
Татарстан китап нәшрияты логотибы.jpg
Parent companyGovernment of Tatarstan
FoundedJuly 22, 1919; 102 years ago (July 22, 1919)
Country of originRussia (Republic of Tatarstan)
Headquarters location2 Dekabristov str., Kazan, Tatarstan
Key people
Publication typesBooks
Nonfiction topicsLiterature on Tatar culture and in Tatar language

Tatar Book Publishers (Tatar: Татарстан китап нәшрияты) is a Soviet and Russian regional state-owned publishing house located in Tatarstan. It predominantly prints books in the Tatar language[2] and is the largest publishing house among those specializing in literature in regional languages of Russia[3][4] as well as one of the largest publishing houses in Tatarstan. Tatar Book Publishers publishes fiction and children's literature, textbooks, academic publications.[5]

Its current name dates back to 1958 when it became the principal publishing house of the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic.[2] In 2018 the Publisher had 190 permanent commercial partners.[6]

On top of school subject textbooks, ordered by Tatarstan ministry of education and science for schools using Tatar as a medium of instruction, as well as some privately ordered or grant-funded books, the publishing house printed 106 titles (of them 32 children's literature) in 2018, and 103 (28) in 2019.[7]



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