Tatar Khan

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Tatar Khan was the Governor of Sonargaon during 1259-1268 CE.


He succeeded Ijjauddin Balban Iuzbaki and built a tomb for his predecessor's remains, two years after his death. Tatar Khan was a very capable ruler, renowned for his bravery, liberality, heroism and honesty. He did not acknowledge allegiance to the sultan of Delhi, Nasiruddin, who died in 1266. That year he sent his envoys to Sultan Ghiyasuddin Balban. This diplomatic mission from Bengal was accorded a royal reception at Delhi worthy of embassies from Iran or Turan. The envoys of Tatar Khan were loaded with valuable gifts and given leave of departure. Muhammad Tatar Khan died in independence two years after Balban's accession.

Preceded by
Ijjauddin Balban Iuzbaki
Mamluk Governor of Bengal
Succeeded by
Sher Khan