Tatevi Anapat

Coordinates: 39°23′16″N 46°15′39″E / 39.387665°N 46.260806°E / 39.387665; 46.260806
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Tatevi Anapat
Տաթեւի անապատ
AffiliationArmenian Apostolic Church
ProvinceSyunik Province
LocationVorotan valley, near Tatev village, Syunik Province,
Armenia Armenia
Tatevi Anapat is located in Armenia
Tatevi Anapat
Shown within Armenia
Tatevi Anapat is located in Syunik Province
Tatevi Anapat
Tatevi Anapat (Syunik Province)
Geographic coordinates39°23′16″N 46°15′39″E / 39.387665°N 46.260806°E / 39.387665; 46.260806
Groundbreaking17th-18th centuries

The Great Hermitage of Tatev (Armenian: Տաթևի Մեծ Անապատ, romanizedTatevi Mets Anapat) is a 17th-century Armenian monastery located in the Vorotan river valley in the Syunik Province of Armenia.


The Great Hermitage of Tatev, which used to be a renowned religious center, is situated on the right bank of the river Vorotan, where the river intersects with its tributary Tatev. It was constructed in the 1660s by order of Catholicos Hakob IV Jughayetsi following the destruction of the nearby Harants (Fathers') Hermitage of Halidzor by an earthquake in 1658. The Harants Hermitage was located a few kilometers away from the Hermitage of Tatev. The layout of the Great Hermitage of Tatev is identical to that of the older hermitage, only with larger dimensions. The main part of the hermitage is surrounded by rectangular lime mortar walls with towers. An adjacent structure with a table-shaped plan is located on the southern side of the hermitage.[1]

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