Tatevi Anapat

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Tatevi Anapat
Տաթեւի անապատ
Tatevi Anapat.jpg
AffiliationArmenian Apostolic Church
ProvinceSyunik Province
Locationin the Vorotan valley near Tatev village, Syunik Province,
Armenia Armenia
Tatevi Anapat is located in Armenia
Tatevi Anapat
Shown within Armenia
Geographic coordinates39°23′16″N 46°15′39″E / 39.387665°N 46.260806°E / 39.387665; 46.260806Coordinates: 39°23′16″N 46°15′39″E / 39.387665°N 46.260806°E / 39.387665; 46.260806
Groundbreaking17th-18th centuries

Great Hermitage of Tatev or Tatevi Mets Anapat (Armenian: Տաթևի Մեծ Անապատ) is a 17th-century Armenian monastery located in the Vorotan River valley in the Syunik Province of Armenia. The National Competitiveness Foundation of Armenia is going to create a tourism zone in the Tatev area to draw visitors to its amazing churches and scenery. The Tatevi Anapat is going to be one of the main sights.

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  • Tatev, a nearby 9th century Armenian monastery

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