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Tatiana Anodina

General of the Army Tatiana Grigorievna Anodina (Russian: Татья́на Григо́рьевна Ано́дина, born in 1939 in Leningrad[1]) is the chairperson of the Interstate Aviation Committee — the civil aviation oversight body in Russia and some other countries of the former Soviet Union.[2] A career aviation engineer, she has been leading the Committee since its foundation in 1991.

Anodina son's family owns and controls Transaero, one of Russia's largest airlines.[3][4] There was press speculation regarding Anodina's conflict of interest in certifying aircraft with respect to Transaero's market position.[5][6]


Tatiana Anodina was born on 16 April 1939 in Leningrad (then Soviet Union) to a family of a Soviet Air Force pilot. She graduated from the Lviv Polytechnic Institute in 1961, qualifying as an engineer. She married Pyotr Pleshakov (a Soviet military engineer, who was later promoted to Colonel General, and then was the Soviet Union's Minister of Radioelectronic Industry from 1974 till 1987[7]) and adopted his son Aleksandr.[8]

After graduation, Anodina worked in the civil aviation in the Soviet Union, and later in the Russian Federation. Her first job was with the State Institute of Civil Aviation, the leading research institution in Soviet Union in the field. Anodina made her career at the institute, working on automatic systems of navigation,[9] and was eventually appointed the director. In the 1970s, she was transferred to the Soviet Ministry of Civil Aviation, where she became director of the technical division.[8]

In 1991, she was appointed the first and so far the only chairperson of the Interstate Aviation Committee.[8]

Degrees and awards[edit]

Tatiana Anodina holds a degree of Doctor of technical sciences and is an author of over 100 research papers on aeronautical engineering specializing in communications.[8] In 1979, Anodina was awarded, along with other researchers, a State Prize of the Soviet Union for the development of a novel radar systems for air traffic control.

In 1997, Anodina received the Edward Warner Award from ICAO "in recognition of her eminent contribution, as scientist and researcher, to the development of national, regional and global air navigation aids for civil aviation at the international level"[10]

Although a civilian engineer, Tatiana Anodina holds the rank of General of the Army in recognition of her aviation achievements.[8]


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