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For the Russian athlete, see Tatyana Kotova.
Tatiana Kotova
Tatiana Kotova.jpg
Background information
Birth name Tatiana Nikolayevna Kotova
Born (1985-09-03) 3 September 1985 (age 31)
Sholokhovsky, Rostov Oblast, Russia
Origin Russian
Genres Pop
Occupation(s) Singer, Actress, TV-presenter
Years active 2010–present
Associated acts Miss Russia, VIA Gra
Tatiana Kotova
Beauty pageant titleholder
Born Tatiana Nikolayevna Kotova
(1985-09-03) 3 September 1985 (age 31)
Height 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Title(s) Miss Russia 2006

Tatiana Nikolaevna Kotova (Russian: Татьяна Николаевна Котова, September 3, 1985, pos. Sholokhov, Rostov region, USSR) - Russian singer, actress, television personality, winner of the title "Miss Russia 2006", former soloist of Ukrainian female pop group Nu Virgos.

Tatyana Kotova, majoring in economics and crisis manager .

In 2006 she won the title of Miss Russia and had the opportunity to represent Russia in the contests Miss World 2007 and Miss Universe 2007 . Tatiana was one of the favorites in the Miss Universe 2007, but did not reach the semi-finals. Tatiana Kotova is the third Russian to participate in both Miss Universe and Miss World after Anna Malova and Svetlana Goreva.

From March 2008 to April 2010 she was a soloist of the pop-band Nu Virgos, replacing Vera Brezhneva. She currently works in a solo career.

1985-2005: Childhood and youth[edit]

Tatiana Kotova was born on September 3, 1985 in Sholokhovsky (Rostov region) in a small close-knit family. Her father, Nicholay Kotov, worked as a miner, trucker, and later engaged in business activity. Her mother, Marina Kotova, worked in a bank. Tatiana has a younger sister Ekaterina. Tatiana Kotova took part in her first beauty contest "Miss Autumn 98" at school and won the title "Miss Charm". During studying at the Faculty of Economics of the SFU (Southern Federal University), Tatiana was invited to a training course «Professional model» in agency «Image Elite».

2006-2007: «Miss Russia», «Miss World» and «Miss Universe»[edit]

A few months later, Tatiana Kotova received an offer to take part in the competition "Best Model of the South of Russia". She entered the top five finalists. Then there were many beauty contests and victories in her career. In December 2006, Tatiana Kotova won "Miss Russia 2006" title (with 53% viewers' votes). In 2007, she represented Russia in international competitions "Miss Universe" and "Miss World". Tatiana was one of the favorites of the contests.

2008-2010: «Nu Virgos» (VIA Gra)[edit]

March 17, 2008 Tatiana Kotova became a participant of the famous pop group «Nu Virgos» («VIA Gra» in Russian spelling). Debut music video featuring Tatiana called «I'm not afraid» («Я не боюсь»). At the shooting time (February 2008) Kotova was not yet a participant of «Nu Virgos», therefore video was filmed with Albina Dzhanabaeva and Meseda Bagautdinova. Episodes with Tatiana were added later. The first performances as a trio took place in Moscow, in «Sungate Port Royal» (Antalya, Turkey) and in Ogre (Latvia). First television shooting was a concert dedicated to the thirtieth of the newspaper "Arguments and Facts". In summer 2008, «Nu Virgos» presented videos «My emancipation» and «American wife» («Американская жена»).

In early January 2009, the first participant Nadezhda Granovskaya returned in «Nu Virgos». Trio recorded two singles «Anti-geisha» («Антигейша») and «Crazy» («Сумасшедший») and shot videos, directed by Alan Badoev and Sergey Solodkii. The last Tatiana Kotova performance in the group «Nu Virgos» was held in Ukrainian «Star Factory. Super final» on March 21, 2010. April 22, 2010 a press-conference was held. Tatiana Kotova officially announced her retirement. Tatiana was replaced by Eva Bushmina from third Ukrainian «Star Factory».

2010-present time: solo career[edit]

In June 2010, Tatiana played a role of business-woman Ksenia Morozova in the television soap opera "Happiness is somewhere near" («А счастье где-то рядом») directed by Vasily Mishchenko. In September 2010, Tatiana Kotova started a solo music career. The song «He» («Он», written by Irina Dubtsova) became her debut solo single. The video was directed by Alan Badoev. Second single was named «Red on red» («Красное на красном»). It was written by Alexey Romanoff.

In spring 2010, Tatiana Kotova became a TV-presenter. She compered the program "Fashion Emergency assistance" («Скорая модная помощь») on «Muz TV» Channel paired with designer Max Chernitsov. September 28, 2010 Tatiana Kotova debuted with solo live performance in St. Petersburg. She presented a song "Vampiritsa" («Вампирица»). Then the release of the singles "Obladi" («Облади») and "Peace for strong men" («Мир для сильных мужчин») was followed.

April 18, 2012, the premiere of the song and the video "In games of the nights" came out («В играх ночей», directed by Maria Skobeleva). Video looks quite provocative, because of what Tatiana had to do censorship version. This video was presented in the category "Most sex video" on Russian Music Awards «RU TV 2012», but the award went to Ukrainian singer OKSI for her video "Love for two" («Любить за двоих»). In the summer of 2012 new video of Tatiana Kotova song "Everything is just beginning" («Всё только начинается», directed by Sergey Tkachenko) was presented in the air of the most popular music TV channels in Russia. November 7, 2012 the song "Recognition" («Признание») was presented. December 3, 2012 collaboration with rapper Stan - the song "Melt" («Раствориться») - appeared in the Internet. December 4, 2012 Tatiana Kotova introduced her new concert show in Moscow karaoke club «Isterika». The performance included both well-known songs and new compositions ("Ex-Lovers") and remixes of some popular Russian pop-songs ("I love soldiers" – «Я люблю военных» Ирины Аллегровой).

2013, Tatiana Kotova released the song "Violet" («ФиоЛЕТО») in the creation of which involved well-known Ukrainian singer, writer and producer Alex Potapenko (Potapov). In December, Tatiana Kotova received an offer to play in continuing the comedy film "What men are doing" («Что творят мужчины»). In January 2014 Tatyana Kotova took part in shooting of this film in America. In May 2014 Tatiana Kotova released a new single "Everything will be as you want" («Всё будет так, как хочешь ты»).


Preceded by
Alexandra Ivanovskaya
Miss Russia
Succeeded by
Ksenia Sukhinova