Tatiana Mishina

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Tatiana Mishina
Personal information
Full name Tatiana Nikolaevna Mishina
Alternative names Tatiana Nikolaevna Oleneva
Country represented Soviet Union
Born (1954-06-16) 16 June 1954 (age 62)
Leningrad, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union

Tatiana Nikolaevna Mishina (Russian: Татьяна Николаевна Мишина), née: Oleneva (Оленева) is a Russian figure skating coach and former competitor for the Soviet. She is the 1973 Soviet national champion.


Mishina won bronze at the 1972 Prize of Moscow News. She then won the Soviet national title and was assigned to the 1973 European Championships where she finished 14th. Following her retirement from competition, she began coaching.

Mishina's current students include:

Her former students include:

Personal life[edit]

Oleneva married her former coach[8] Alexei Mishin. They have two sons, both of whom play tennis.


Event 1971–72 1972–73 1973–74
European Championships 14th
Prize of Moscow News 3rd 5th
Soviet Championships 2nd 1st 2nd


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