Tatiana Tarasova

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Tatiana Tarasova
Tatiana Tarasova.jpg
Tarasova in 2007
Personal information
Full name Tatiana Anatolyevna Tarasova
Country represented Soviet Union
Born (1947-02-13) 13 February 1947 (age 70)
Former partner Georgi Proskurin
Aleksandr Tikhomirov
Retired 1966

Tatiana Anatolyevna Tarasova (Russian: About this sound Татья́на Анато́льевна Тара́сова​ , born 13 February 1947) is a Russian figure skating coach and national figure skating team adviser.[1] Tarasova has been coach to more world and Olympic champions than any other coach in skating history. Her students have won a total of seven Olympic gold medals in three of the four Olympic figure skating disciplines, in addition to 41 gold medals at the European and World championships.

Personal life[edit]

Tatiana Tarasova is the daughter of Anatoli Tarasov, a famed ice hockey coach, who introduced her to figure skating at the age of five. She lived for more than a decade in Simsbury, Connecticut before moving back to Russia in 2006. She is the widow of Vladimir Krainev, who died in April 2011.

Competitive career[edit]

Tarasova competed in pair skating with Aleksandr Tikhomirov[2] and Georgi Proskurin. With Proskurin, she was a two-time Soviet national medalist. They finished 7th at the 1965 World Championships and 4th at the 1966 European Championships.[3] At 18 years of age, Tarasova sustained a career-ending injury.

with Proskurin
Event 1963–64 1964–65 1965–66
World Championships 7th
European Championships 6th 4th
Winter Universiade 1st
Prague Skate 3rd
Soviet Championships 3rd 2nd

Later career[edit]

Tarasova started coaching at age 19, at her father's insistence. Her most notable students have been Alexei Yagudin, Ilia Kulik, Natalia Bestemianova / Andrei Bukin, Oksana Grishuk / Evgeni Platov, Ekaterina Gordeeva / Sergei Grinkov, Marina Klimova / Sergey Ponomarenko, and Irina Rodnina / Alexander Zaitsev.

In the mid-1980s, Tarasova launched the Russian All-Stars, an ice ballet. She coached for ten years at Simsbury, Connecticut's International Skating Center before announcing her retirement from full-time coaching and moving back to Russia in 2006.

Her students have included:

Tarasova is assisted by choreographer Jeanetta Folle.

Honours and awards[edit]

Tarasova was awarded Order of Friendship of Peoples (1984).[6] In March 2008, she was inducted into the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame.


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