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The Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGoFive

The Tatsumi family (巽家 Tatsumi-ke?) is a fictional family portrayed in the Japanese Super Sentai series Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGoFive. From a long line of "machi-bikeshi" (fire fighters of Edo, the capital of the Tokuguawa Shogunate), the Tatsumi family are portrayed providing emergency and rescue services in Tokyo.

Tatsumi Siblings[edit]


Matoi Tatsumi (巽 纏 Tatsumi Matoi?) is the oldest of the Tatsumi siblings and the leader of the team as Go Red (ゴーレッド Gō Reddo?). He belongs to the Capital City Fire Department Rescue Squad. He is 24 years old, and takes his duties as a leader and as the eldest brother very seriously. He never backs down from a fight, regardless of how difficult it might be, and sometimes berates his younger siblings when they make mistakes. Matoi does everything "by the book", and rarely makes mistakes. He feels very responsible for his younger brother and sister, as he played a large role in raising them; whilst he is their brother, he also serves as a father figure. He often gets into arguments with Shou. He often argues with his siblings, but mainly out of concern for them and a desire for them to succeed. He was responsible for devising the team's battle cry. His name comes from the word matoi (?), an ancient object used by firemen during the Edo period Japan to warn people of a fire nearby.

Matoi is portrayed by Ryuichiro Nishioka (西岡 竜一朗 Nishioka Ryūichirō?).


Nagare Tatsumi (巽 流水 Tatsumi Nagare?) is the second son of the Tatsumi family and serves as their second-in-command as Go Blue (ゴーブルー Gō Burū?). He belongs to the Capital City Fire Department Chemistry Division. Nagare spends much of his time looking out for his younger brother, Daimon, though Daimon often ignores his older brother's advice, a trait which often lands him in trouble. Nagare was once suspended because of an injury sustained by Daimon in a fight, despite the fact that he had advised Daimon against becoming involved in the confrontation. Since their youth, they have had a fractious relationship, with Daimon's wayward behaviour often getting Nagare into trouble. Nagare rarely responds to his older brother's chastising. Nagare is very protective of his family, and would sacrifice himself to save the Tatsumi family and the team. He is usually the most serious and intellectual member of the group; Nagare does not rush into a fight without knowing who he is facing. As a chemist, he developed the fire-fighting equipment in his department, as well as the human-sized robot Big Douser. He is 23 years old.

Nagare is portrayed by Masashi Taniguchi (谷口 賢志 Taniguchi Masashi?).


Shou Tatsumi (巽 鐘 Tatsumi Shō?) is the third son of the family who fights as Go Green (ゴーグリーン Gō Gurīn?). He is a helicopter pilot in the Central City Fire Department Aviation Department. He had always dreamed of being a pilot, and when he first got his job the whole family celebrated with him, with Matoi even singing karaoke. He then ran out of the room, to thank God for granting his wish. Once, after an argument with Matoi relating to his desire to be a pilot outweighing his desire to be a GoGoFive team member, Shou came close to leaving the team. Out of all of the siblings, Shou is the most angry and bitter towards their father. While Nagare does not talk back to their older brother, Shou does, and he constantly argues with Matoi. Shou is a skilled helicopter pilot; he never loses control and is very reliable. Because of this good record, it was a shock to both himself and the team, when during one mission his reckless flying nearly cost the lives of civilians, with an intense argument between Shou and his older brother ensuing. Shou is a cunning and swift warrior, though at times he questions his older brother's leadership. He is 22 years old.

Shou is portrayed by Atsushi Harada (原田 篤 Harada Atsushi?), who later portrayed Shuji Mihara in Kamen Rider 555.


Daimon Tatsumi (巽 大門 Tatsumi Daimon?) is the fourth and last son of the Tatsumi family who fights as Go Yellow (ゴーイエロー Gō Ierō?). Daimon is a Sergeant at the Capital City Police Department. He is the hothead of the group, and he often rushes into situations before thinking, which can get him into trouble. Angry at his brother Nagare's suspension for something that was not his fault, Daimon sticks up for him. He is somewhat the joker of the team; being the youngest male he can be reckless and cocky. Daimon struggles with the concept of being a team player – one of the reasons he is one of the most common recipients of Matoi's chastisement is because he thinks he can handle any situation on his own without his siblings' help. When the team works together they are far more capable and powerful than when working individually; a lesson that Daimon learns the hard way. He can be somewhat indulgent and has a fiery temper. Although he might rush into a fight, he can still be reliable in an emergency. A wannabe bike cop, he is the only male sibling not in the Fire Department. Obsessed with drinking milk, in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, Daimon taught Kai Samezu (GaoBlue) how to perform his famous "Banba-Style Cow's Killer Milk Tornado Drop" ("Banba Hissatsu Ginyu Tatsumaki Otoshi"), which Samezu eventually uses on Lost Highness Rakushaasa. He is 21 years old.

Daimon is portrayed by Kenji Shibata (柴田 賢志 Shibata Kenji?).


Matsuri Tatsumi (巽 祭 Tatsumi Matsuri?) is the youngest child and only daughter of the Tatsumi family who fights as Go Pink (ゴーピンク Gō Pinku?). She is a paramedic in the National Seaside Hospital. A kind-hearted girl, she is a strong fighter who is very agile and quick. She is motivated by the sight of those weaker than herself in trouble, and she often loses her temper when the Psyma Clan attack innocent people. At times, Matsuri is the one that brings order in the household when her brothers (and father) get out of line. She is 20 years old.

Matsuri is portrayed by Kayoko Shibata (柴田 かよこ Shibata Kayoko?), credited as Monika Sakaguchi (坂口 望二香 Sakaguchi Monika?).

Tatsumi parents[edit]


Dr. Mondo Tatsumi (巽 世界博士 Tatsumi Mondo-hakase?) is the scientist who created the suits, mecha and weapons for the GoGoFive team. He is also the father of the team members. Ten years before the events of the series, Mondo is unable to convince everyone about his belief that the Psyma family will invade Earth despite his eminence. Forced into exile and ridiculed by the scientific community, he secretly develops the GoGoFive technology. At one time he is a rival to his children's superior; the two try to outdo each other in everything from on-the-job assignments to women and sports. They even fight over who would be in charge of the Rescue Task Force, causing chaos within the team. In the end, Mondo wins the battle to govern the team. Mondo also builds an undersea base, which has various types of weapons and mecha for the team to use, known as Bay/Area55. To save the Earth and the human race he ends up paying the heavy price of losing his family. Years later, he has to convince his children to help him, in the face of their bitterness and anger towards a father who they thought died years before. His reappearance simply led his children to think that he abandoned their family. In the finale, Mondo flees with his rival when Bay/Area55 floods, and he now lives happily with his family. Mondo briefly comes out of retirement to prepare the GoGoFive equipment, when he detects Pierre's Minus Energy.

Mondo is portrayed by Mike Maki (マイク 眞木 Maiku Maki?).


Ritsuko Tatsumi (巽 律子 Tatsumi Ritsuko?) (42, 49 & 50) is the wife of Professor Tatsumi, the mother of the GoGoFive, and the most important person-in-absence in their lives. Her words are portrayed as constantly running through the minds of her children, and keeping them going during their greatest trials and tribulations. Her last words to her children were: "The five of you are one family. When you forget your power, no matter what happens, I believe in you. And, my wonderful children, believe in your father. Family is to believe in each other"; following this she boarded an aircraft which went on to crash. She spent the next eight years in an island hospital in a coma. When she finally regained consciousness, she remembered dreaming about her children fighting terrible monsters. She then contacted their house. Her children's friend Kyoko Hayase picked up the call and relayed the message to Daimon and Matsuri, after which they called her back. Her five children encountered her soul when they were trapped in one of the Psyma hells and she guided them out. She appears briefly in episode 42, and is then at last returned to the family, alive and well in 49 and 50. At the end of the series Ritsuko is living with her family again.

Ritsuko is portrayed by Kyōko Yoshizawa (吉沢 京子 Yoshizawa Kyōko?).



Kyoko Hayase (速瀬 京子 Hayase Kyoko?) (2-50) is a shuttle pilot who is Shou's superior. When the GoGoFive rescue her shuttle from a tornado caused by Tornedeus, she is able to recognize Shou's voice on the communications system because the GoGoFive are using the same radio frequency. Afterwards she stated a desire to join the GoGoFive, but Mondo Tatsumi refused, as the team was always intended to comprise five people. Instead, she occasionally aids the GoGoFive in any way she can. In the GoGoFive movie she briefly gained the Zeek Tector armor from Zeek before he died. Using the power, she became Zeek-Jeanne, transforming with the call of "Zeek Tector!", armed with the Zeek Blaster. By transferring all the Demon Hunter powers to Victory Robo, she helped the GoGoFive destroy Golomois. In the finale, Kyoko played an important role. She confirmed that Grandiene was still alive (after the GoGoFive defeated her with the Max Victory Robo), after detecting her from her shuttle whilst in orbit, and then reporting it to the GoGoFive after she had returned to Earth. Later, when Mondo sent her to give the GoGoFive the information on where to find the Max Victory Robo Sigma Project, and just after she barely escaped the destruction of Bay/Area55, Kyoko received a phone call from Ritsuko Tatsumi (who had just come out of her coma) and was able write down the call back number. Kyoko was able to pass both pieces of information on to Daimon and Matsuri which would be instrumental to the GoGoFive's final victory.

Kyoko is portrayed by Yūko Miyamura (宮村 優子 Miyamura Yūko?).


Juuma Hunter Zeek (獣魔ハンタージーク Jūma Hantā Jīku?, Movie)[1] was the last of a people who had fought and defeated the Juuma; his people were mostly exterminated by the sole surviving Juuma, Golomois. Being the only survivor, Zeek sought revenge and pursued Golomis to Earth where he encountered the GoGoFive, whom he blamed for saving the people in the crossfire instead of fighting Golmois. He came close to fighting them, but hesitated when he noticed that the wounded Kyoko resembled his superior officer Lilia. He healed her before he fought Go Red to a stalemate. When Kyoko arrives, Zeek leaves, as he reveals himself and his intent to kill Golomois before he gets the Dark Sword. As the GoGoFive fight off the Saima, Zeek is mortally wounded. Go Red promises to stop Golomois as he leaves Zeek in Kyoko's care. Near death, and regaining his reason for fighting, Zeek gives Kyoko his gem which holds his Demon Hunter powers in it. He transformed with his jewel by shouting "Zeek Tector!".

  • Weapons: Zeek Shot, Zeek Sword, Zeek Blaster

Zeek is portrayed by Keiichi Wada (和田 圭市 Wada Keiichi?), who previously portrayed Ryo of the Heavenly Fire Star in Gosei Sentai Dairanger.


Analyse Robot Mint (アナライズロボ・ミント Anaraizu Robo Minto?) is a cheery, childish analysis robot who controls the Go Liner at the Bay Area 55 base.

Mint is voiced by Sayaka Aida (相田 さやか Aida Sayaka?).

Kenji Inui[edit]

Kenji Inui is Dr. Tatsumi's rival and friend, who ended up being in charge of funding the GoGoFive project.

Kenji Inui is portrayed by Takushi Iwao (岩尾 拓志 Iwao Takushi?).


  • Go Go Brace (ゴーゴーブレス Gō Gō Buresu?): The Go Go Brace is the team's transformation devices. The team transforms by opening the faceplate on the brace with the activation call "Suit up!" (着装 Chakusō?) before pressing a button to activate it.
  • Anti-Hazard Suits (アンチハザードスーツ Anchi Hazādo Sūtsu?): The suits that are formed when the Go Go Brace is activated.
    • Searcher Scope (サーチャースコープ Sāchā Sukōpu?): A built-in scope that can see through objects.
    • Access Scope (アクセススコープ Akusesu Sukōpu?): A built-in scope that can scan enemy information.
  • Five Laser (ファイブレイザー Faibu Reizā?): The sidearms of the team. They have two modes, Gun Mode and Stick Mode, and in the latter can perform the Stick Bomber (スティックボンバー Sutikku Bonbā?) attack. The Laser Grip can be detached and used with the most of the GoGoFive's weapons, as well as to operate the GoGoFive's mecha.
  • Rescue Ropes (レスキューロープ Resukyū Rōpu?): Colored ropes that all members possess.
  • Various Function Changing Tool Life Bird (ライフバード Raifu Bādo?): A mechanical bird that can be reorganized into the Breaker Mode (ブレイカーモード Bureikā Mōdo?), forming a cannon with a Laser Grip as the handle. Its finishing attack is Calamity Breaker (カラミティブレイカー Karamiti Bureikā?). The Life Bird can also be separated into weapons for the individual members which also require a Laser Grip:
    • Claw Anchor (クローアンカー Kurō Ankā?): Go Red's personal weapon.
    • Build Discharger (ビルドディスチャージャー Birudo Disuchājā?): Go Blue's personal weapon.
    • Wing Spreader (ウイングスプレッダー Uingu Supureddā?): Go Green's personal weapon.
    • Beak Driller (ビークドリラー Bīku Dorirā?): Go Yellow's personal weapon.
    • Tail Injector (テイルインジェクター Teiru Injekutā?): Go Pink's personal weapon.
  • Command Attacker (コマンドアタッカー Komando Atakkā?): A motorcycle, the Fire Commander (ファイヤーコマンダー Faiyā Komandā?) - equipped with lasers and a sidecar, Attacker Pod (アタッカーポッド Atakkā Poddo?), equipped with drills, driven by Go Red.
  • V-Lancer (ブイランサー Bui Ransā?): Long lances that each member received in episode 18; it can perform the V-Slash (ブイスラッシュ Bui Surasshu?) attack.
    • V-Boomerang (ブイブーメラン Bui Būmeran?): A V-shaped boomerang that can be detached from the shaft of the V-Lancer.
    • V-Machine Gun (ブイマシンガン Bui Mashin Gan?): A combination of the V-Lancer and the Five Laser's Laser Grip. The V-Machine Gun's team attack is Victory Buster where all five are used together to create a giant V that destroys the Psyma Beast.
  • V-Mode Brace (ブイモードブレス Bui Mōdo Buresu?): Received in episode 22. It enables the V-Mode Punch (Vモードパンチ Bui Mōdo Panchi?) attack (code "4-7-8, V"), the V-Mode Chop (Vモードチョップ Bui Mōdo Choppu?) and the V-Mode Crash (Vモードクラッシュ Bui Mōdo Kurasshu?) attack (code "5-5-5, V"), which fires an energy beam from the Brace. The V-Mode Brace is also used to activate the Max Victory Robo and Victory Mars combinations and can enhance the Go Blasters.
  • Go Blaster (ゴーブラスター Gō Burasutā?): Guns that were created by Nagare in episode 29. They have three modes: Normal Mode (ノーマルモード Nōmaru Mōdo?), Rescue Mode (レスキューモード Resukyū Mōdo?) (which launches fire extinguishing bullets), and Hyper Mode (ハイパーモード Haipā Mōdo?) (where the barrel is extended to create a rifle). When used in Hyper Mode the V-Mode Brace is placed on top of the Go Blaster to amplify its power, and the code "8-1-8, V" is entered. The Go Blaster's team attack is the Hyper Five (ハイパーファイブ Haipā Faibu?) attack, where all five Hyper Mode Go Blasters are used together. The Go Blasters can also be used alongside the Five Laser for a double gun attack.

Rescue Mecha[edit]

These are mecha which come out of Liner Launch Base Bay Area 55 (ベイエリア55 Bei Eria Go Go?) and its Max Area (マックスエリア Makkusu Eria?).

99 Machines[edit]

Usually at the command, "99 Machines, launch!".

  • 99 Machine: Red Ladder (99マシン レッドラダー Kyūkyū Mashin Reddo Radā?)
  • 99 Machine: Blue Thrower (99マシン ブルースローワー Kyūkyū Kashin Burū Surōwā?)
  • 99 Machine: Green Hover (99マシン グリーンホバー Kyūkyū Mashin Gurīn Hobā?)
  • 99 Machine: Yellow Armor (99マシン イエローアーマー Kyūkyū Mashin Ierō Āmā?)
  • 99 Machine: Pink Aider (99マシン ピンクエイダー Kyūkyū Mashin Pinku Eidā?)

Victory Robo[edit]

Emergency Combination Victory Robo (緊急合体ビクトリーロボ Kinkyū Gattai Bikutorī Robo?) is the team's first giant robot, formed from the five 99 Machines. It is armed with the Braver Sword (ブレバーソード Burebā Sōdo?); a magical sword that was supercharged with Plus Energy, enabling it to destroy the Minus Energy in the Giant Ghost Psyma Beasts with its finishing attack Sword, invoke the light! Victory Prominence! (ビクトリープロミネンス Bikutorī Purominensu?).

First the Victory Walker is formed - The Blue Thrower forms the Victory Walker's cockpit (the Victory Robo's waist) and upper legs, the Yellow Armor forms the Victory Robo's lower left leg and the Pink Aider forms the Victory Robo's lower right leg. The Victory Walker is equipped with Chemical Extinguishers.

After forming the Victory Walker they form the Victory Robo, in which the Red Ladder forms the chest and arms and the Green Hover forms the head and upper back. This robot is equipped with extendible arms used in Rapid Ladder Bomber attack, where the arms extend and deliver long-range punches. The other attack the Victory Robo can perform is the Ladder Wheel Crash.

Grand Liner[edit]

The GoLiners (ゴーライナー Gorainā?) are five giant train cars that were designed to carry the 99 Machines into battle. After the Mars Machines were built, the GoLiners were loaded with the Mars Machines and hauled into space by the Max Shuttle in order for the GoGoFive to use the Victory Mars. The GoLiners were later modified to form their own giant robo, the Linked Combination Grand Liner (連結合体グランドライナー Renketsu Gattai Gurando Rainā?), which is approximately 1.4 times taller than the Victory Robo.

GoLiner 1 (ゴーライナー1 Gorainā Wan?) (which transports the Red Ladder or the Red Mars 1) forms the Grand Liner's right arm. GoLiner 2 (ゴーライナー2 Gorainā Tsū?) (which transports the Blue Thrower or the Blue Mars 2) forms the Grand Liner's left arm. GoLiner 3 (ゴーライナー3 Gorainā Surī?) (which transports the Green Hover or the Green Mars 3) forms the Grand Liner's head, torso, and upper legs. GoLiner 4 (ゴーライナー4 Gorainā Fō?) (which transports the Yellow Armor or the Yellow Mars 4) forms the Grand Liner's lower left leg. GoLiner 5 (ゴーライナー5 Gorainā Faibu?) (which transports the Pink Aider or the Pink Mars 5 and the Mars Cannon) forms the Grand Liner's lower right leg.

The robot's Gatling weapons, as well as its Grand Fire (グランドファイヤー Gurando Faiyā?) and Raging Fists, call upon the firestorm! Grand Storm! (グランドストーム Gurando Sutōmu?) finisher (where the gatling weapons are transferred from the shoulders to the fists to provide additional power. The left shoulder cannon fires Liner Homing (ライナーホーミング Rainā Hōmingu?) missiles, and the right cannon fires Liner Gatling (ライナーガトリング Rainā Gatoringu?) bullets) are the only weapons strong enough to pierce the hardened armor of the Golem Psyma Beasts.

In the finale, the Grand Liner had his right arm torn apart, thus rendering it useless in the battle against the Grandiene-possessed Zylpheeza and Salamandes Dragon.

Liner Boy[edit]

The Max Liner (マックスライナー Makkusu Rainā?) was created by Mondo Tatsumi with some assistance from Kyoko. It had an A.I. unit, which allowed it to fight without a pilot. By the command "Emergency Launch!" (緊急発進! Kinkyū Hasshin!?), the Max Shuttle (マックスシャトル Makkusu Shatoru?) can haul the GoLiners that were loaded with the Mars Machines into space. When the command "Express Armament!" (特急武装! Tokkyū Busō!?) is given, the Max Liner's front wheel assemblies become the arms, the rear section becomes the legs, the nose becomes the back (revealing the head), LinerBoy (ライナーボーイ Rainā Bōi?), whilst the fender becomes the Blaster Shield (ブラスターシールド Burasutā Shīrudo?) weapon, and the solar-panelled side becomes the chest.

This robot could combine with the Victory Robo to form the Max Victory Robo. Although the Liner Boy's body was destroyed in the finale by the Grandiene-possessed Zylpheeza and Salamandes Dragon, the A.I. unit survived the destruction. One of its attacks is Liner Kick (ライナーキック Rainā Kikku?).

Liner Boy is voiced by Isao Yamagishi (山岸 功 Yamagishi Isao?).

Max Victory Robo[edit]

When the Victory Robo combines with the Max Shuttle it creates the Max Formation Max Victory Robo (マックスフォーメーションマックスビクトリーロボ Makkusu Fōmēshon Makkusu Bikutorī Robo?) with the command "3-5-6, V!". Armaments provided from Liner Boy include jets stored within the feet that provide additional maneuverability, and the V-Max Cannons, which are two small wrist guns. Liner Boy forms Max Victory Robo's helmet, breastplate, pauldrons, gauntlets, fauld, and greaves.

Another ability the Max Victory Robo has is an array of solar panels, through which its Max Nova Absorption enables it to absorb power from sunlight or certain energy blasts, which is activated when the number code "9-4-0, V!" is used on the V-Mode Brace. In its finisher Max Nova, it unleashes its rail-gun style weapons, the Max Nova Cannons, and combines the firepower from all of the Max Victory Robo's guns.

In the finale, the Max Victory Robo was blown to pieces when Matoi moved it in the way of a blast shot by Zylpheeza and Salamandes Dragon in order to protect a flammable building, in which were Daimon and Matsuri, who were rescuing a group of children inside. Matoi barely survived the explosion.

Victory Mars[edit]

The Mars Machines (マーズマシン Māzu Mashin?) are five spacecraft that come when given the command "Mars Machines!", and can combine to form the Meteor Combination Beetle Mars (流星合体ビートルマーズ Ryūsei Gattai Bītoru Māzu?) with the command "4-5-6, V!" - a four-legged mecha with the Mars Cannon (マーズキャノン Māzu Kyanon?) on its top, or in the more humanoid Lightning Formation Victory Mars (ライトニングフォーメーションビクトリーマーズ Raitoningu Fōmēshon Bikutorī Māzu?). By launching the Top Jet (トップジェット Toppu Jetto?) from its Jet Lance (ジェットランス Jetto Ransu?) it can perform the Mars Flare (マーズフレア Māzu Furea?) finisher to destroy Giant Psyma Beasts.

The Red Mars 1 forms the Beetle Mars' head and body, which becomes the Victory Mars' head and upper torso. The Blue Mars 2 forms the Beetle Mars' hind legs, which becomes the Victory Mars' arms. The Green Mars 3 forms the Beetle Mars' chest, which becomes Victory Mars' waist. The Yellow Mars 4 forms the Beetle Mars' left leg, which becomes the Victory Mars' own. Pink Mars 5 forms Beetle Mars' right leg, which becomes Victory Mars' own.

Unlike the other mecha, the Mars Machines have different technology that allows them to function without the aid of solar energy. Therefore it is the only mecha that is able to battle effectively when Salamandes creates the Psyma Zone.

In the GoGoFive vs. Gingaman special, the Victory Mars briefly gained the power of the Gingaman's Lights of Ginga's Armor and became Super Armor Shine Victory Mars (超装光ビクトリーマーズ Chōsōkō Bikutorī Māzu?), wielding both the Jet Lance and the Super Rescue Silver Armor Sword (超救急銀鎧剣 Chō Kyūkyū Gingaiken?) in its enhanced mode, and using an attack called the Galaxy Double Flare (銀河ダブルフレア Ginga Daburu Furea?). It once used Victory Robo's Braver Sword for an attack called Sword, call upon the crimson flames! Mars Prominence! (Mazu Purominensu).

In the finale, the Victory Mars had its left arm torn apart, thus rendering it useless in the battle against the Grandiene-possessed Zlypheeza and Salamandes Dragon.

  • Red Mars 1 (レッドマーズ1 Reddo Māzu Wan?): It is piloted by Go Red. It is armed with missiles.
  • Blue Mars 2 (ブルーマーズ2 Burū Māzu Tsū?): It is piloted by Go Blue. It shoots hole-repairing adhesive bullets.
  • Green Mars 3 (グリーンマーズ3 Gurīn Māzu Surī?): It is piloted by Go Green. It is the most maneuverable of the Mars Machines.
  • Yellow Mars 4 (イエローマーズ4 Ierō Māzu Fō?): It is piloted by Go Yellow. It is heavily armored and equipped with manipulator claw.
  • Pink Mars 5 (ピンクマーズ5 Pinku Māzu Faibu?): It is piloted by Go Pink. It is equipped with manipulator claw and medical tools.

Sigma Project[edit]

Max Victory Robo Sigma Project (マックスビクトリーロボシグマプロジェクト Makkusu Bikutorī Robo Shiguma Purojekuto?) is Mondo Tatsumi's final mecha creation, which resembles the Max Victory Robo but is colored black. This mecha is powered by mental energy and has a sword that resembles the Victory Robo's Braver Sword, but its hilt has a red color rather than a blue color.

It is used in the Final Episode by the GoGoFive to stop the Grandiene-possessed Zylpheeza II and Salamandes Dragon, after the original Max Victory Robo was destroyed, and both the Victory Mars and Grand Liner were rendered useless. GoGoFive used this robot with the knowledge that, although they had supposedly lost their father, their mother is still alive, and they used this mental energy to power up the sword which allowed them to emerge victorious over Grandiene.

In the course of the finale the Max Victory Robo Sigma is never disassembled into component mecha, though the toy incarnation could be devolved into 6 separate mecha.


  1. ^ Romanization used on the back of the Kyūkyū Sentai Gogo Five: Gekitotsu! Atanaru Chōsenshi DVD

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