Tatsuo Yamada (karate)

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Tatsuo Yamada
Yamada Tatsuo (left) and Motobu Chōki (1926)
Born(1905-10-16)16 October 1905
Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan
DiedMay 28, 1967(1967-05-28) (aged 61)
Teacher(s)Motobu Choki

Tatsuo Yamada (山田辰雄, Yamada Tatsuo, 1905 - May 28, 1967) was a Japanese karateka from Hyōgo Prefecture.

Yamada was one of the karateka representing the Shōwa period, the founder of the Japanese Kenpo Karate-do.[1] He was the first person wearing a glove in Japan, a direct batting game with no armor, was also known to leave a result that will lead to the birth of full contact karate and kickboxing later.[2][3]


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