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Tatsuya Ishii
Also known asCarl Smoky Ishii
Born (1959-09-22) September 22, 1959 (age 61)
OriginIbaraki, Japan
Occupation(s)Singer-songwriter, artist, industrial designer
Years active1985–present
LabelsSony Music Japan
Associated actsKome Kome Club

Tatsuya Ishii (石井竜也, Ishii Tatsuya), also known as Tatuya Ishii (born September 22, 1959) is a Japanese singer-songwriter, artist, and industrial designer from Ibaraki Prefecture.


In 1985, he debuted as vocalist in the band Kome Kome CLUB (米米CLUB, Kome Kome CLUB). In 1992, their single Kimi ga Iru Dake de (君がいるだけで, Kimi ga Iru Dake de) won the Japanese record first prize. After Kome Kome Club's breakup in 1997, he began a solo career. His first solo single was released in 1997. To date, he has released 20 singles and 12 albums in his solo career. He has written and produced numerous songs for special events in Japan.

In addition to his musical career, Ishii has executed a number of different projects, including acting as the spatial coordinator for HEP Five, coordination producer for the "Suzuka 8-Hour Endurance Races," the producer of "The Forest Fairy's Ball" for Expo 2005, and recently the producer of "GROUND ANGEL in Hiroshima," an event commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing. He has held private art exhibitions such as "Daydream Art Gallery" in 1997, and in 1999, "EXPO ISHII 1999 SHOW TEN." Ishii also acts as a radio personality for FM Yokohama on his weekly radio show YOKOHAMI. As an industrial designer, he has managed many designs for items like PCs and accessories, tableware, furniture, and often produces the costumes and stages for his concerts. He is also a writer, and has written numerous books. He had a monthly magazine publication that ran for two years called Monthly Ishii WIDESHOW (月刊石井 WIDESHOW, Gekkan Ishii WIDESHOW).

Alongside his many artistic talents, Ishii has also produced two films, ACRI ~The Legend of Homo-Aquarellius (1996) and Kappa (1994). In addition to producing ACRI, Ishii teamed up with artists Char and Ariga Nobuo to produce a soundtrack for the movie, under the band name ACRI.

Ishii's song River also was used as the second ending to the anime Mobile Suit Gundam Seed.



  • 1998.03.21: H
  • 1999.01.21: DEEP
  • 2000.03.29: GUY
  • 2002.03.27: Roman (浪漫, Roman)
  • 2002.09.19: THEATER
  • 2003.04.23: nipops
  • 2003.05.21: super nipops
  • 2003.12.03: Hane (, Hane)
  • 2004.07.07: NYLON KING
  • 2005.03.24: SKETCH
  • 2005.10.12: Ishii ~Best of Best~ (石~Best of Best, Ishii~Best of Best)
  • 2006.02.08: DANCE NYLON
  • 2007.04.04: SUNDIAL
  • 2007.08.29: Sundial ~Premium Edition~ (日時計~Premium Edition~, Hidokei ~Premium Edition~)
  • 2007.12.05: ACRISM
  • 2007.12.05: Kappa Gensou (河童幻想, Kappa Gensou)
  • 2008.03.26: PENDULUM
  • 2009.03.04: CHANDELIER
  • 2011.03.09: MOON & EARTH
  • 2012.06.20: HEARTS VOICES
  • 2012.09.05: LOVE
  • 2013.09.04: WHITE CANVAS
  • 2014.09.03: SHINE


  • 1997.09.25: WHITE MOON IN THE BLUE SKY
  • 1998.02.08: Rhythm (リズム, RIZUMU)
  • 1998.04.01: Anshin Shiro yo (安心しろよ, Anshin shiro yo)
  • 1998.07.01: Flower Festival (花まつり, Hana matsuri)
  • 1998.12.02: HI TENSION LOVE
  • 1999.07.23: Asahi ni Tsuduku Michi (朝日につづく道, Asahi ni tsudzuku michi)
  • 2000.02.23: GOLDEN FISH & SILVER FOX
  • 2001.10.11: Far Away... (遠くへ…, Tooku he...)
  • 2002.01.17: For You (あなたに, Anata ni)
  • 2002.06.26: MOON DANCER
  • 2002.09.04: Regret (コ・ウ・カ・イ, KO.U.KA.I)
  • 2003.03.26: RIVER
  • 2003.11.19: GROUND ANGEL
  • 2004.04.25: The Future ~The Times Not Yet Seen~ (未来~まだ見ぬ時代よ~, Mirai ~Mada Minu Jidai yo~)
  • 2004.05.19: You RANBADANBANBA (君はランバダンバンバ, Kimi wa RANBADANBANBA)
  • 2005.02.23: Words of the Heart (心の言葉, Kokoro no kotoba)
  • 2005.06.22: The Power of Love (愛の力, Ai no chikara)
  • 2005.12.07: GROUND ANGEL in HIROSHIMA
  • 2007.04.04: Return to You (君に戻ろう, Kimi ni modorou)
  • 2008.03.12: In The Middle of Travelling (旅の途中で, Tabi no Tochuu de)
  • 2008.10.22: The Ground of AIRA (AIRAの大地, AIRA no Daichi)
  • 2009.02.04: DANCE IN LOVE
  • 2010.05.12: OCEAN DRIVE feat. K
  • 2010.07.21: THE WAVE OF LOVE feat. Anri
  • 2010.09.22: WALKING feat. Peabo Bryson
  • 2011.02.02: Flower Petal (はなひとひら, Hana Hitohira)
  • 2011.11.30: Where is Heaven

Television cameo[edit]

Tatsuya Ishii guest starred in the Canadian science fiction TV series Sanctuary; he briefly appears as the head of the Tokyo Sanctuary at the beginning of the Season 2 finale "Kali", which aired on SyFy on January 15, 2010.

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