Tatsuya Uemura

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Tatsuya Uemura (上村 建也, Uemura Tatsuya, born June 23, 1960) is a Japanese arcade game musician and programmer. He has composed the following scores for arcade games:

After Toaplan closed in 1994, Uemura joined the Toaplan offshoot company Gazelle, and served as director of the 1996 shooter Air Gallet (Akuu Gallet; distributed by Banpresto). In 1999, he worked for 8ing/Raizing as a programmer for the shooter Battle Bakraid (a follow-up to 1996's Battle Garegga).

In 2000, his music for Zero Wing was sampled by the band, The Laziest Men on Mars, and resulted in "All your base are belong to us", an Internet phenomenon / meme that was popular in the early 2000s.

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