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Tattoo as the New Warrior Longstrike.
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance New X-Men vol. 1 #126 (July, 2002)
Created by Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely
In-story information
Alter ego Christine Cord
Species Human Mutant
Team affiliations New Warriors
Xavier Institute
Omega Gang
Notable aliases Longstrike
Abilities Uses a version of the Stilt-Man armor that allows her to elongate her limbs and enhance her strength
Depowered, formerly:
Ability to form words or pictures on skin, disrupt neurochemistry of others by phasing through them.

Tattoo, later Longstrike, is a fictional mutant character in the Marvel Comics Universe. Her first appearance was in New X-Men #126, created by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely.

Fictional character biography[edit]

A student of the Xavier Institute, the young girl called Tattoo can display messages or designs on her skin, as well as phase through matter. She is one of the many students who were mentally controlled by Cassandra Nova to attack Wolverine and Beast. Tattoo and the other students are freed from Cassandra's influence by the Stepford Cuckoos. While attending classes, Tattoo became romantically involved with a telepath named Slick. When Quentin Quire reveals Slick's true form, that of a dwarf-like creature, Tattoo is repulsed and breaks up with him. Tattoo joins the Omega Gang, led by Quentin Quire, taking up their own beliefs in mutant rights. This gang includes Tattoo's brother Radian, who can emit disorienting flashes of light. They set out to avenge what seems to be the murder of Jumbo Carnation, a popular mutant clothes designer. They also attack and kill a group of murderous, mutant-hunting U-Men.[volume & issue needed]

The Omega Gang starts a riot at Xavier Institute during 'Opening Day' celebrations, an event designed to bring the public to Xavier's. Several members, including Tattoo, confront the X-Men on the front lawn. During the battle Tattoo manages to phase her hand into Cyclops's head. She informs him if she became solid, he would die. Emma Frost turns into her diamond form and places her hand inside of Tattoo's head; now Tattoo would also die if she became solid. This eliminates the stand-off.[volume & issue needed]

After the Omega Gang is neutralized, all but Quire are sentenced to a human jail. As informed by Wolverine, once their sentences are completed, the gang members would be sent overseas to do exhausting, demanding charity work.[1]

Tattoo is one of many mutants that lose their superhuman powers after M-Day.[2]

She appears to have been let out of jail, and then decided to pay her debt in another way: by joining the newest incarnation of the New Warriors. After being given a version of Stilt-Man's armor, she takes up the codename Longstrike, and begins training with the team. The new group includes her brother Radian. However, on one of the team's first missions out to stop the Zodiac, she is overconfident when fighting Cancer, and she is killed in front of the rest of the team.[3]

Her brother is saddened by her loss, but when his teammates assure him that it was her own fault that she died, he stays with the team.[volume & issue needed]

Powers and abilities[edit]

After taking up Stilt-Man's armor, she was able to extend her limbs to great lengths with heightened strength.[volume & issue needed]

She formerly had chameleon skin which allowed her to form words and/or patterns on her flesh; her bio-phasing ability disrupted the neurochemistry of people she reached into.

Other uses of the name[edit]

  • An agent of Obadiah Stane was known as Tattoo, He impersonated and killed Stark International employee, Dr. Bart Ainslee and distributed headsets for recreational use that actually placed the wearer under the control of Stane. He caused significant injuries and deaths at Stark International but was killed by Stane when he failed in its total destruction. He first appeared (and also was killed in) Iron Man vol. 1 #162.
  • Tudo Sukoto, a member a Tektos and the brother of Base was known as Tattoo. He first appeared in Genetix #2 right through until #6.
    • A member of The Hand, who is featured in the film Elektra, seems to be loosely based on the Tudo Sukoto version played by Chris Ackerman.
  • Irzeumi' (an agent of Doctor Demonicus) took on the name Tattoo in Avengers West Coast #72.
  • In the New Universe, an agent of Damon Conquest and Daedalus Darquill was known as Tattoo and first appeared in Justice #3. He also appeared in Justice #2 & 8.
  • In Mantra vol. 2 #5, a Tattoo placed Aja-kar in Scott.


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