Tattooed Flower Vase

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Tattooed Flower Vase
Tattooed Flower Vase-1976.jpg
Poster to Tattooed Flower Vase (1976)
Directed by Masaru Konuma
Written by Kiyoharu Matsuoka
Starring Naomi Tani
Takako Kitagawa
Music by Yasuo Higuchi
Cinematography Masaru Mori
Distributed by Nikkatsu
Release date
September 25, 1976 (Japan)
Running time
74 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Tattooed Flower Vase aka Mature Vase: Tattooed Vagina (花芯の刺青 熟れた壺?, Kashin no irezumi: nureta tsubo) (1976) is a Japanese pink film in the Roman Porno series, starring Naomi Tani, directed by Masaru Konuma and produced by Nikkatsu.[1]


A traffic accident brings together the widow Michiyo and her step daughter Takako with Hideo, the young man who caused the accident. Hideo and Takako start a relationship but Michiyo finds out that Hideo is the son of the man who raped her many years earlier. After this discovery, Michiyo's feelings alternate between guilt and excitement and she secretly spies on the young lovers. As atonement she decides to have her "most sensitive areas" tattooed but the pain brings her pleasure. The denouement has Hideo lusting after Michiyo and raping her as his father had done.


  • Naomi Tani as Michiyo
  • Takako Kitagawa as Takako
  • Shin Nakamaru as Hideo
  • Genshu Hanayagi
  • Mami Yuki


Kino International has announced a region 1 DVD release of Tattooed Flower Vase simultaneously with three other Masaru Konuma Roman Porno films, scheduled for November 6, 2007.[2]

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