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Tattvas in isolation and combination

Tattva vision is a technique developed by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (probably derived from the elements, or Tattva [also known as Tattwas], of the Samkhya version of Hindu Philosophy) to aid with the development of the faculty of astral clairvoyance.

The tattva symbols[edit]

The astral forms of the tattvas and equivalent in Western elements:

Akasha - Spirit Akasha TattvaAkasha Tattva - Alternate black or indigo vesica piscis or egg

Tejas - Fire Tejas Tattva red equilateral triangle

Vayu - Air Vayu Tattva blue circle

Apas - Water Apas TattvaApas Tattva - Alternate purple half circle / silver crescent

Prithivi - Earth Prithivi Tattva yellow square

Constructing tattva cards[edit]

Tattva cards can be constructed by cutting the tattva symbols out of coloured paper or card, and pasting on to small cards of about 6 inches by 6 inches in size. Alternatively the tattva symbols may be painted onto the cards, or a commercial set of cards may be obtained.

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