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Tatung Company
Public (TWSE: 2371) since 1962-02-09
Industry Computer hardware
Home appliances
Founded 1918
Headquarters Zhongshan, Taipei, Taiwan
Key people
Weishan Lin, Chairman of the Board, General Manager
Products Personal computers, LCD TVs, home appliances, and others
Revenue Increase NT$ 43.072 Billion (2007)
(US$ 1.351 Billion)
Website www.tatung.com

Tatung Company (TWSE: 2371) (Tatung; Chinese: 大同股份有限公司; pinyin: Dàtóng Gǔfèn Yǒuxiàn Gōngsī) is a multinational corporation established in 1918[1] and headquartered in Zhongshan, Taipei, Taiwan.[2] Tatung Company has evolved into a conglomerate from its substantial heritage. Tatung Company holds 3 business groups, which include 8 business units such as Industrial Appliance BU, Motor BU, Wire & Cable BU, Solar BU, Smart Meter BU, System Integration BU, Appliance BU, Advanced Electronics BU. Being a leader in the field of energy saving and green energy creation, Tatung has pioneered in the development of national smart grid in Taiwan and many smart IoT solutions. As a conglomerate, Tatung’s investees involve in some major industries such as optoelectronics, energy, system integration, industrial system, branding retail channel, and asset development.


Tatung designs and manufactures an array of digital consumer products, including personal computers, liquid crystal display televisions, plasma displays, network-connected devices, storage-based media players, videophones and home appliances. Tatung also produces products for business computing, such as Tablet PCs, blade servers and wireless thin clients. Tatung has power and energy businesses in the industrial sector and is one of the world's biggest producers of cables (electric cables, telephone cables etc.).

Among its broad range of products are: air conditioners, AC motors, transmissions/reducers, inverters/frequency converters, ventilators, liquid rheostat, marine use and land use diesel generator sets, hydraulic generator sets, castings, magnets, precision CNC lathes, milling machines, compressors, medical equipment, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, refrigerators, electric fans, microwave ovens, blenders, toasters, oxygen concentrators, low frequency stimulators, wrist sphygmomanometers, ear thermometers, earphones, loudspeakers, information network systems, digital engineering systems, and PBX systems.[1]

A Tatung TWN-5213 CU tablet running PC Native Oberon.

Tatung manufactures PC hardware on an OEM basis for a number of hardware companies, including Hewlett-Packard, Compaq, Acer and Dell. It continues to make products such as televisions and music players for the European market. Other industrial categories in which it is involved are "publishing, horticulture, and industrial coatings".[3]

Tatung has ten factories in Taiwan,[3] three factories in China, one in Mexico and one was in Plzeň (Pilsen), Czech Republic (the Pilsen plant was suddenly left in the 2014 with debt to suppliers). Tatung also maintains a regional headquarters in Long Beach, California for the U.S. market. Other regional offices are in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Spain. The regional office in Czech Republic was suddenly closed in 2014. Worldwide, the company employs 20,000 people.[3]


Founding Period


  •    Establishment of Xie Zhi Business Enterprise, the forerunner of Tatung Company, by founder and chairman, Mr. Shang-Zhi Lin
  •    Completed over 600 constructions, including the Danshuei River embankment project and the Executive Yuan building


  •    Tatung Iron Works was established. (When Taiwan was retroceded to the Republic of China in 1945, Tatung Iron Works was renamed "Tatung Steel and Machinery Manufacturing Company.")


  •    Mr. T. S. Lin succeeded as chairman of Tatung and principal of both Tatung High School and Tatung University
  •    Establishment of Tatung High School


  •    Mass production of electric fans & motors (Pioneering in Home Appliance & Motor industries)


  •    Mass production of Tatung rice cookers, a revolutionary step for housewives in Taiwan

Fledgling Period


  •    The Company became publicly listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange


  •    Establishment of Wire & Cable Plant in Taoyuan County


  •   The Company renamed from Tatung Steel and Machinery Company to Tatung Company and officially registered as so


  •    Company mascot (Tatung Boy)and song launched
  •    Mass production of coloured TVs


  •   Revenues exceeded NT$2.2 billion, making Tatung Taiwan’s foremost private company


  •   Mr. W. S. Lin appointed as president of Tatung


  •    Participated in the Ten Major Infrastructure Projects with the construction of a slag treatment facility for China Steel Corp. and provision of the turnkey solution for CKS International Airport's power control station


  •   Became the first Taiwanese company to win the “Premier’s Gold Award” as the country’s No. 1 exporter


  •    Ranked No. 1 in domestic and export sales of information products by the Institute for Information Industry


  •    Chunghwa Picture Tubes was listed on the OTC market

Positioning for the New Millennium


  •    Global Management Division set up at the company's headquarters
  •    Chunghwa Picture Tubes was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange


  •    Mass production of LCD & PDP TVs (Pioneering in Digital Display products)


  •    Set up a new subsidiary Toes Opto-Mechatronics Company
  •    Established SeQual Technologies Co. to produce the oxygen generator for clinical therapy and home health care uses
  •    Established Tatung Compressors (Zhongshan) Co. in China


  •    Consolidated Tatung's Desktop PC Business Unit with Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), making Tatung the largest shareholder of ECS
  •    Established Tatung Wire & Cable Technology (Wujiang) Co. in China


  •    Mr. W. S. Lin was elected as chairman and president of Tatung
  •    Green Energy Technology started trading on the emerging stock market


  •    Forward Electronics invested in Apollo Solar Energy Co. to expand its scope into the market of solar cell module


  •    Green Energy Technology was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange on 25th January
  •    Established Tatung Electric Technology (Vietnam) Co. for the manufacturing and sales of wires and cables


  •    Tatung University launched WiMAX network, the first wireless broadband network ever built in campus alike
  •    To help the victims of typhoon Morakot, Tatung initiated a Special Service Project in which 1,000 technicians and 70 service trucks were mobilized in and around the affected areas to help handle damaged home appliance items. The employees of Tatung Group together with the staff of Tatung University and Tatung High School also donated their one-day earnings totaling to 10 million Taiwanese dollars to those in need


  •    New Energy Business Unit set up a crystal growth center to manufacture multi-crystalline silicon bricks, a milestone for HQ’s involvement in the crystal growing business
  •    Luxury condominium, “Tatung Noble Residences (Phase Ⅱ of Tatung Tomorrow World)”, the 2nd project in Nangang by Shan Chih Asset Development , was under construction


  •    Mrs. W.Y. Lin was appointed President of Tatung


  •    Lithium iron phosphate cathode material by Tatung Fine Chemicals successfully entered into Japanese market of energy storage


  •    Tatung Consumer Products Co.(TCPC), Tatung’s brand channel, set up an official account on LINE along with the release of Tatung Boy character stickers and emoticons which, within 24 hours of online introduction, attracted more than one million active users and the download volume it created broke the record to become No.1 in the official account category of LINE
  •    Tatung-branded AI rice cookers were introduced to the market to mark the first rice cooker of artificial intelligence by Taiwan own brand maker


  •    The Company, as an important supplier of high efficiency motors and cables, was invited by Steel Asia Manufacturing Corporation, the largest steel company in the Philippines, to its new plant’s inauguration ceremony in Davao
  •    Tatung Group donated 12 million dollars to Kaohsiung City Government to help the victims in the disaster of explosion
  •    All new brand --“in fresh”— introduces hydroponic vegetables that are fresh, healthy, and pollution free to provide customers a new healthy choice by utilizing optoelectronic technology in agriculture
  •    Co-organizing “Smart City Summit and Expo” to promote Tatung’s unique total solution for smart energy saving system


  •    Establishing eTungGo, Tatung’s online shop, to involve in e-commerce business
  •    Tatung Healthy Life Store began its official operation
  •    Tatung utilized the technology of Internet of Things on smart appliances and cooperated with SIGMU to create all-rounded smart living
  •    Tatung won the bidding of solar PV roofing plan for the public buildings in Kinmen County. The project enables Kinmen County Government to get the trends in electricity consumption and gauge reportable events on real-time power generation via Tatung’s smart meters and energy saving monitoring system so that electricity losses can be reduced and efficiency on power generation can be enhanced
  •    Tatung rice cooker, an important cultural asset representing Taiwan's everyday life, was exhibited and demonstrated as a cultural & creative artifact in Tsutaya Books(Japan), one of the twenty most beautiful bookstores in the world
  •    Tatung won the bidding of solar PV power generation system for Pratas Island. The project includes 40kWp of solar energy and fuel control system to monitor the operation of generator and load status so that output of solar PV can be controlled and uninterrupted power supply in Pratas Island can be expected
  •    Tatung cooperated with ITRI and Toshiba to promote microgrid within smart grid in Penghu. The project not only implements regional application of microgrid in Taiwan but also raises the proportion of renewable energy hoping to maintain stable power supply and optimize the regulation for demand and supply


  •    Tatung won the bidding of solar PV roofing system for the public buildings in New Taipei City. System of microgrid is introduced to the project to enable the emergency supply of electricity when without power supply from state grid in an event of natural disasters


Products and Service[edit]

Industrial Appliance: Transformers, Switchgears, High Voltage Gas Insulated Switchgears, Distribution Apparatus, Tatung Smart Partial Discharge Analyzer

Appliance: Multi-functional Cooker, Electronic Hot Pot, Commercial Air Conditioner, DC Fan, Air Purifier, Dehumidifier

Advanced Electronics: IoT Products, Digital Accessories

Motor and Diesel Generator Set: Electric Motors, Generators and Diesel-Engine Generating Set, Cast Iron Parts, Die-casting

Wire and Cable: Copper Rod Bare Copper Wire, Magnet Wires, Lead Free Tinned Copper Wire, Power Cable, Communication Copper Cable, Optical Fiber Cable, Electronic Wires, LAN Cable

AMI: Meter Product, AMI Communication, Intelligent Gateway


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