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Tau2 Eridani2 Eri, τ2 Eridani, Tau2 Eri, 2 Eridani, 2 Eri)[1] is a star in the constellation Eridanus. It is one of a series of stars that share the Bayer designation Tau Eridani. It has the traditional name Angetenar (Arabic "bend of the river").

In Chinese, 天苑 (Tiān Yuàn), meaning Celestial Meadows, refers to an asterism consisting of τ2 Eridani, γ Eridani, π Eridani, δ Eridani, ε Eridani, ζ Eridani, η Eridani, π Ceti, τ1 Eridani, τ3 Eridani, τ4 Eridani, τ5 Eridani, τ6 Eridani, τ7 Eridani, τ8 Eridani and τ9 Eridani.[2] Consequently, τ2 Eridani itself is known as 天苑九 (Tiān Yuàn jiǔ, English: the Ninth Star of Celestial Meadows.)[3]


Tau2 Eridani belongs to spectral class K0III and has apparent magnitude +4.75. It is approximately 182 light years from Earth.

Coordinates (J2000):


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