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Tau Gamma Phi
Triskelions' Grand Fraternity
Founded October 4, 1968; 49 years ago (1968-10-04)
University of the Philippines Diliman
Type Socio Economic Service Fraternity
Scope International
Motto "A Triskelion firmly believes in the power of reason, not in the use of force as reason."
Colors      Gold      Black
Symbol Triskelion
Mascot None
Chapters  Philippines = 4000+ Philippine Colleges, Universities and Community Based Chapters
Triskelions' Grand Fraternity National Councils/Chapters :
 Australia = 1
 Bahrain = 1,
 Brunei = 1,,
 Canada = 1,
 Germany = 1,
 Guam = 1,
 Hong Kong = 1,
 Italy = 3,
 Iran = 1,
 Iraq = 1,
 Ireland = 1,
 Israel = 1,
 Japan = 1,
 Jordan = 1,
 Kuwait = 1,
 Laos = 2,
 Libya = 1,
 New Zealand = 1,
 Oman = 1,
 Qatar = 2,
 Saudi Arabia = 3,
 Singapore = 1,
 South Korea = 1,
 Spain = 2,
  Switzerland = 1,
 Thailand = 1,
 Vanuatu = 1
 United Arab Emirates = 1,
 United Kingdom = 2
Cardinal Principles The 3 Cardinal Principles:
  "Fortis Voluntas Fraternitas " (Strength, Freewill and Brotherhood)
Headquarters University of the Philippines, Diliman

Tau Gamma Phi (ΤΓΦ), also known as the Triskelions' Grand Fraternity, is a fraternity established in the Philippines. Its members call themselves Triskelions. Their aims are to see a fraternity system devoid of violence in lieu of the conflict occurring in the university campus at the time of its founding, to avoid elitism if they can, and to maintain fraternity principles as their way of life. Based on these goals, the Triskelions categorized their formal group as a 'protest fraternity'. The organization encourages its members to strive for spiritual growth and to organize socio-civic activities for the benefit of communities.[1] Tau Gamma Phi is now one of the largest international fraternities, with about 500,000 registered members worldwide.[2] Its counterpart is called Tau Gamma Sigma (ΤΓΣ) also known as the Triskelions' Grand Sorority.

The Triskelion Alumni Organization (TAO) is the umbrella organization for all its alumni associations worldwide. The TAO has established close-knit enclaves in the United States of America, Canada, the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

The Triskelion Radio was set up by fraternity members as perhaps one of the first fraternity radio stations.[citation needed]


The fraternal organization, originally known as the Order of the U.P. Triskelions, was founded on October 4, 1968 by four arts and science students from the University of the Philippines in the Diliman campus, Quezon City, Philippines. Membership grew when the Greek-lettered name Tau Gamma Phi was adopted. A few years later, chapters were founded) established at other college and university campuses in the Philippines.

Martial law era[edit]

When martial law was declared on September 21, 1972 by the late Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, the fraternity and other organizations became the target of military harassment, believing that these fraternities and school organizations posed a threat to the order and stability of the Marcos regime. Ostensibly due to its leftist leanings, the Tau Gamma Phi Fraternity's office was raided under an Arrest-Search and Seizure Order signed by then Secretary of Defense Juan Ponce Enrile.[3][4][5]

With martial law forestalling most of its fraternal activities, fraternity members faced the problem of continuous decline in recruitment. In the 1975 general assembly, a trial initiative was put in place to explore the idea of including younger members. Recruiting began in the high school sector with the "Junior Tau Gamma Phi", also known as the "Junior Triskelions", founded at San Beda College–High School in 1975.[6]

Triskelion Youth Movement[edit]

The organization opened membership to aspiring youth in the community through the Triskelion Youth Movement (T.Y.M.) so those no longer enrolled in higher education were also eligible to join.


Despite an anti-hazing law in the Philippines, the fraternity has been involved in a dozen cases of hazing deaths since 2006, and has been implicated in numerous incidents of violence.[7]

The fraternity called on all chapters and councils to the fraternity motto Primum Nil Nocere or "First, Do No Harm", commit to avoiding any further violence.[8]

Affiliated Groups[edit]

  • Tau Gamma Sigma (ΤΓΣ) — Triskelions' grand sorority.
  • Triskelion Alumni Organization (T.A.O.) — The umbrella organization of all Triskelion alumni associations worldwide.
  • Triskelion Order of Law (T.O.L.) — Alumni association of Triskelions who are in the judiciary and paralegal profession.
  • Triskelion Order of Medicine (T.O.M.) — Alumni association of Triskelions who are in the medical profession.
  • Triskelion Order of Business (T.O.B.) — Alumni association of Triskelions who are in the corporate world, businessmen and those who operate their own entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Triskelion Information Technology Organization (T.I.T.O.) — Alumni association of Triskelions who are computer engineers, technicians and information technology professionals.
  • Triskelion Order of Call Center Professionals (T.O.C.C.) — Alumni association of Triskelions who are in the Business Process Outsourcing industry or contact/call centers.
  • Triskelion Law Enforcers Group (TriLEG) — Alumni association of Triskelions who are currently working and those who retired from government armed services.
  • Triskelion Seafarers League (TriSEAL) — Alumni association of Triskelions who are professional mariners, shipping executives, military personnel, and crew in ships sailing oceans around the globe.
  • Triskelion Order of Teachers (T.O.T.) - Alumni association of Triskelions who are in the teaching profession. The T.O.T. was first organized at the West Visayas State University, Iloilo City, Philippines.

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