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Tau Mu Epsilon (ΤΜΕ) is a fraternity founded in October 1952 by Mechanical and Electrical engineering students from the University of Santo Tomas. The aim of organization was to promote the true spirit of camaraderie, equality, and brotherhood among their peers. They aspired to cultivate the potential and hone the talents of their fellow members to produce highly competitive and skillful engineers for the society.

The fraternity’s name was derived from the Greek alphabet, commonly used in the engineering curriculum. Tau (T) – the symbol for Torque, a rotational force in Mechanics; Mu (M) – in Physics, stood for the coefficient of friction; Epsilon (E) – symbol for Electromotive force in an electrical circuit. These three Greek letters became the acronym for the Thomasian Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Fraternity. The first duly recognized fraternity by the University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Engineering.[1]