Tau Sigma Delta

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Tau Sigma Delta
FoundedMay 1913; 111 years ago (1913-05)
University of Michigan
TypeHonor Society
MottoTechnitai Sophoi kai Dexioi
"Craftsmen, Skilled and Trained"
Colors  White and   Gold
SymbolDrafting Triangle
Members19,000 collegiate
United States
WebsiteOfficial website

Tau Sigma Delta (ΤΣΔ) is an American scholastic honor society that recognizes academic achievement among students in the field of architecture and allied arts.[1]


Tau Sigma Delta was organized at the University of Michigan as an honorary fraternity in architecture and landscape design in May 1913, at the proposal and under the direction of the faculty members of the Departments of Architecture and Landscape Design at the University of Michigan. It was first known as Tau Delta Sigma and continued under that name until the fall of 1914 when it was decided to change the name to the present one there being Greek letter societies already bearing the first name. It was the intention of the founders that the organization should be a national society as opportunity for its extension to other schools and universities could be had.[2]

As of 1920 according to the Constitution of Tau Sigma Delta, the purpose of the society is stated as follows: "It shall be the purpose of Tau Sigma Delta fraternity to unite in a firm bond of friendship, such students of architecture and the allied arts, whose marked scholastic ability, moral character and pleasing personality has shown them worthy of distinction, and to foster and promote high standards of study in the schools and colleges of architecture and the allied arts." The society is a purely honorary organization, and only a very limited number of new members are elected each year.

Each chapter has a definite plan of government and elects its members who are chosen only upon the approval of the faculty of the school at which the chapter is located.

A series of medals are available as awards for achievement, in bronze, silver and gold.


Chapters of Tau Sigma Delta include:[3][4][5]

As of 1920 the total membership of the society was 88.

Notable members[edit]

Notable and honorary members of Tau Sigma Delta include:[3]


The motto of the fraternity is "Technitai, Sophoi kai Dexioi". The system of colors is gold and white. The flower of the society is the red rose.

The pledge button consists of an outer scalloped band of gold within which is one concentric ring of gold and two concentric rings of white.

The badge of the fraternity is a gold key consisting of the crossed letters, Tau Sigma Delta, a suspension ring at the top and a pendant at the bottom. The crossed letters of the same arrangement as on the key is the crest of the fraternity. Honor stoles are available for graduation regalia.

The fraternity publishes a quarterly bulletin.

Gold Medal Recipients[edit]

The Gold Medal is awarded by the Grand Chapter of the Society to a professional or professionals with a record of high distinction in design in the field of architecture, landscape architecture or the allied arts. The award is presented annually as a part of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) national meeting.[6]

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