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Taufichtig Gipfel.jpg
The summit of the Taufichtig
Highest point
Elevation 1,000.7 m above sea level (HN) (3,283 ft)
Prominence 9 m → Fichtelberg
Isolation 0.7 km → Fichtelberg
Coordinates 50°27′22″N 12°54′15″E / 50.45611°N 12.90417°E / 50.45611; 12.90417Coordinates: 50°27′22″N 12°54′15″E / 50.45611°N 12.90417°E / 50.45611; 12.90417
Taufichtig is located in Saxony
Parent range Ore Mountains
Mountain type ridge
Type of rock phyllite

The Taufichtig is a 1,001 metre high peak northwest of the Fichtelberg massif in the upper Ore Mountains in Germany.

Location and area[edit]

The summit is the northwestern spur of the Ore Mountain plateau and barely rises above it (only about 9 metres). Nevertheless it drops away to the northeast into the valley of the Große Mittweida by around 250 metres. On this slope is the Taufichtig nature reserve named after it. In the vicinity of the Taufichtig is the abandoned village of Erbendorf.

Routes to the top[edit]

The mountaintop may be reached over the yellow signposted hiking trail from Crottendorf to Tellerhäuser which touches the summit and makes the nature reserve accessible to walkers. There are other, smaller paths around the summit to the side of the main hiking routes.