Tauhfa Ithna Ashari

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Taufa Ithna Ashari (Urdu: تحفة اثنا عشرية‎) (Gift of Twelvers) is a highly controversial book[1] by Sunni Islamic scholar Shah Abdul Aziz.[2]

A Sunni site, NazariaPak, states:[1]

In this book, he has described the history, belief and teachings of the Shia’s. There was hardly any Suni house, he says, in which some of its members had not become Shia. They did not know anything about their new faith, or even concerning Sunnism. Therefore, the author, as he says, compiled the book, to provide information to people who were really interested in such debates.

Shia responses[edit]

After the book published, many Shia' scholars wrote answers to the book. One of the Shia scholars (Mohaghegh Tabatabaee محقق طباطبایی) has counted these answers up to 25 in his article "موقف الشیعه من هجمات الخصوم"[3][4] One of the most important answers is written by Syed Mir Hamid Hussain Musavi. this book is written in order to answer the 7th section of Shah Abdul Aziz's book.((citation needed) Syed Mir Hamid Hussain Musavi' father (Syed Mir Muhammad Quli Musavi), has also written against sections of Shah Abdul Aziz's book.((citation needed)

Mirza Mohammad Kamil Dehalvi, also known as the Fourth Martyr of Shia Islam, also produced replies to the book. This reply prompted a retaliation against the author.((citation needed)) After being unable to justify his text, offensive action was taken and Mirza Mohammad Kamal Dehalvi was poisoned by the ruler of Indian state of Jhajhar.((citation needed)

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